How to create casino games like BitCasino?


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I would like to start the session with a small quote: “Life is a gamble, so roll the dice." In the gaming industry, casino gambling games are more popular than any other game in this business because they have created a new way to earn money or double the money for players through playing online gambling games. When compared to previous generations, the craze for playing betting games has increased because of "blockchain.”. 

As per the analytics insights, the gaming industry has been greatly impacted by cryptocurrencies. Industry analysts predict that this market, currently valued at US $100.9 billion, will grow to US $136.3 billion by 2029 because of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies.

In recent times, gaming entrepreneurs have launched online gambling games with the integration of blockchain technology because it ensures the safety and security of the players and their funds. In previous eras, gamblers used traditional currencies for their bet placement, but nowadays, digital currencies are used as a wagering amount for playing casino games. Varieties of casino games are available in the market, but there is one platform with the incorporation of multiple casino games that is none other than Bitcasino. It is one of the most widely popular casino games among other casino games. Let's discuss more about this gaming platform in this session.

What is the Bitcasino Clone Script?

The Bitcasino clone script is ready-made and bug-free gaming software that replicates the essential features and functions of the original gaming platform, Bitcasino. It is completely built on a blockchain network. It consists of a variety of casinos like poker, dice, table, lottery, etc. As per the business model, this gaming cloning software can be customized; it is known as a white-label bitcasino clone script. It will also help the entrepreneurs to add their logo, name, color, etc.

Core Features of the Bitcasino Clone Script

The more interesting features are integrated into the bitcasino clone script. Those features are highlighted below.

Customer Support: A user-friendly customer support feature is integrated into the platform so players can clarify their doubts related to the game and also lodge complaints against technical issues in the software.

Welcome Bonus: This feature will provide complimentary rewards or bonuses for welcoming and encouraging newly registered users. The bonuses will be like free spins, cashback, etc.

Multi-Platform Access: Our gaming software can function on multiple electronic gadgets like PCs, mobile devices, tablets, etc. Users can access our platform on their preferred device without losing gaming quality.

High Security: To ensure the safety of the users, highly advanced security features are integrated into the platform, like data encryption, two-factor authentication, anti-security measures, etc.

Automated Withdrawal: With the help of this feature, which completely automates the withdrawal procedure, requests may be quickly and easily manually examined and completed.

Major Revenue Factors of Our Bitcasino Clone App

Here is a list of revenue-generating factors for using our Bitcasino clone app.

Transaction Fees: Our software’s admin can earn money through every transaction of the users. It will charge a certain percentage for every transaction. The fees will be charged for currency conversions, withdrawals, and deposits made via the platform's payment gateway.

Referral Program: Players will get rewards or money for referring and bringing new players into the gaming application. If the new users log in to the account through the link shared by the existing players, they will get cryptocurrency or rewards as a complementary

Affiliate Partnership: Join hands with affiliate marketers who spread the news about the casino app on different channels and can boost traffic and income by using commission-based business models.

 Benefits of Our Bitcasino Clone Script

A lot of perks are available by using our bitcasino clone script.

Cost Effective: Crafting gaming software from scratch will take more time and money. Our clone script is a pre-built one, so it will save time and money for the clients.

Personalization: Our clone script is highly customizable, which helps entrepreneurs tailor our platform to their business requirements and expectations. 

User Friendly: Our software is designed with simple layouts and designs, so users can access this platform without any difficulties or hassle.

Instant Launch: Our clone platform is ready-made software, so gaming entrepreneurs can launch the platform quickly without any delay.

Multi-Language Support: To attract a global audience, our gaming application includes a variety of languages for users to access the platform in their preferred languages.

How to Develop a Bitcasino Clone Application?

The basic development process of our Bitcasino clone application is mentioned below.

Data Collection: First, we will collect the client's requirements based on their business model, branding concerns, preferred features, etc. After that, document the collected details properly for future reference.

Designing: Once the specifications of the client are gathered, our design team will frame the basic layouts and navigation bars for the platform. 

Cryptocurrency Incorporation: For placing the bet amount, the script must support the crypto transactions. Our game developers will incorporate the various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. into the script for faster transactions.

Game Inclusion: After the digital currency integration, add a variety of casino games to the platform, like roulette, poker, slots, dice, etc.

Add Security Features: Strong security features are integrated into the platform to prevent the player's data, funds, and other important information from being hacked by any other third parties or hackers.

Testing Stage: After the integration of security features, the software will undergo a testing process to analyze the workflow of the platform and fix bug-related issues.

Application Launch: Once the testing process is completed, the platform will be launched in a live environment to collect the user's feedback, and if any changes are required, it will be updated shortly.

How does the Bitcasino Clone Game Work?

The basic gameplay method of bitcasino clone software is listed below.

Account Registration: First, the user needs to register an official account on the platform by providing their necessary and basic details. After the account is created, a unique username and password will be generated for the users.

Wallet Deposit: Once the account is created, enter the platform and deposit your cryptocurrencies in the respective wallet to place the betting amount in the preferred games.

Pick the Casino Game: On the Bitcasino platform, a variety of games will be available. The user can select their preferred casino game. For example, now the user is selecting the slot game on the platform.

Bet Placement: After the game selection, place the betting amount for playing the slot game. This game consists of three slot rows with a variety of pictures as per the preference of the users; they can hold the two rows with the same pictures.

Gameplay: Once the bet amount is placed, the unfixed slot row will start to rotate, if the three pictures in a row are the same, the user will be declared a winner.

Crypto Transfer: The winning cryptocurrency will be directly transferred to your respective wallet. Users can withdraw the money whenever they want; otherwise, they can use the winning money for future betting purposes

Why Choose Us for Crafting Bitcasino Clone Software?

In this blockchain industry, MetaDiac is a highly competitive blockchain casino game development company with a highly successful track record of completing various blockchain casino games within a short period. Our game developers are unique and creative in developing gambling games as per the expectations of our clients. Our Bitcasino clone app is one of the novel creations of recent times. We have integrated outstanding features at affordable prices to enhance the user experience without reducing the fun and entertainment for the users. We are also providing a live demo of Bitcasino clone software to check its functionality, accessibility, and speed. Would you like to develop a clone platform for Bitcasino? Book a live demo right now.

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