How To Create T2E Game like Hamster Kombat ?


Think about a game where users can tap and earn rewards. Imagine your business growing with this simple idea. Hamster Kombat makes it all possible. This game where you tap to earn money is easy and fun, and many people like it. If you are an entrepreneur, this script can help you launch a popular game that keeps users coming back for more, ultimately expanding your customer base. It's a good way to make more money and build customer loyalty. With the Hamster Kombat clone app, you can make a fun game into a smart business option. In this blog, I will explain how the Hamster Kombat game is made, how it makes money, and how people can get rewards from playing it.

Overview of Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, a popular game platform available only on Telegram, was created in April 2024. Since its launch, it has quickly grown in popularity, with over 200 million members worldwide. In just 77 days after launch, it reached the amazing milestone of 142 million members, with an average daily growth rate of over 1.8 million. It reached 200 million users on average in less than 30 days after that. 

If 100 million players spend about 20 minutes each day on the game, the app will gather a stunning 2 billion minutes of gameplay per day. The quick growth of this site can be attributed to a wide variety of earning opportunities, such as active social media engagement, friend referrals, video viewing, exchange alternatives, and more.

What is Hamster Kombat Clone Script?

The Hamster Kombat clone script accurately recreates the features and abilities of the popular platform. With this script, you can build an app similar to Hamster Kombat, benefiting from its current popularity and proven profitability. This clone script usually includes user profiles, social interactions, gameplay mechanisms, and revenue options just like the original Hamster Kombat program. It provides a base for creating a new platform that will attract people who already know and like the original program.

Features of Hamster Kombat Clone Script

1. User-Friendly Interface  

The game is easy to use, with simple controls and clear instructions. All features have a clean design, making it easy for players of all ages to enjoy the game without any confusion or frustration.

2. Simple Tap Mechanics

The Hamster Kombat clone script has easy tap controls, where players just tap the screen to make their hamster do actions and earn rewards. The game is easy to understand and fun for everyone. They can earn money by just tapping in.

3. Character Upgrades

Players can use their earned rewards to make their hamsters stronger and more competitive. Upgrades can include faster tapping speeds, higher reward multipliers, and special abilities that can give players an advantage in battles.

4. Daily Bonuses

Daily login incentives encourage players to return every day by providing additional cash, gems, and rare equipment. The incentives increase for each successive day that users log in, motivating them to play the game on a daily basis.

5. Special Events

Special events give the game new challenges and rewards for users, making it more exciting. These events have special characters, tapping challenges, and rewards that you can only get while the event is going on.

6. Leadership Board Competitions 

Players can compete on leaderboards to see who can get the most points and get to the top. The weekly and monthly leaderboards reset regularly, so all players have a fair chance to compete and get top ranks and rewards.

7. Interactive Backgrounds

Hamster Kombat Clone script has interactive backgrounds that change based on player progress and events, which improves the visual experience. These dynamic backgrounds make the game environment feel more alive and responsive to player activities, giving another element of immersion.

8. Additional Ways to Earn

users can get rewards by following them on social media and watching videos. These activities offer quick, fun challenges that add variety to gameplay and give players new ways to earn extra rewards.

9. Achievements and Trophies

Players can earn achievements and trophies by completing tasks in the game. These goals vary from simple to challenging, giving players a sense of accomplishment and extra rewards.

10. Social Sharing  

Players can share their achievements and wins on social media and invite their friends to join in. This feature makes it easy for players to show their progress and build a community around the game.

11. Wallet Integration

Our Hamster Kombat clone script allows users to connect their preferred wallet and securely store cryptocurrencies of their choice.

How Can I Build a Tap-to-Earn Game App Similar to Hamster Kombat?


Before you start making a platform like Hamster Kombat Clone, consider how they attained their success, what techniques they used, and who their target audience is. Conduct a detailed study on these topics. This study can help you replicate their success on your own platform.

Script Provider

Now that you've analyzed the report from the renowned platform, select the best Tap To Earn game development company for creating your Hamster Kombat clone app. This choice will enable you to develop an app similar to Hamster Kombat, leveraging your analysis report to ensure it stands out.

Design Development

In this phase, we will develop an intuitive and user-friendly platform tailored for players of all skill levels. Given that the game features a straightforward tapping mechanism for its gameplay, we will ensure that the platform incorporates an equally simple and accessible navigation design 

Make Unique

During this phase, we will collect any unique features or ideas that can attract users. Following that, we will integrate them into the platform to provide a unique user experience.

Backend development process

This action is very important for our project. Our skilled team of game developers will seamlessly add the tap-to-earn feature, Multi cryptocurrency wallet support, and payment gateway to your platform.

Complete Testing

Before it is going to deploy, we will do complete testing before it goes live. Because app bugs will disturb the user experience during this, we will rectify all the bugs in this process. 


Once all is done, your platform is ready to be deployed on the server to play games for users. Promote your platform to get more users, and watch your platform closely to update the user experience.

Revenue Streams of Hamster Kombat Clone Script

In-App Purchases: Players can buy virtual items, upgrades, and premium content directly in the game, providing a steady source of income. Many players are willing to spend money to enhance their gaming experience, which increases their engagement and satisfaction.

Ad Monetization: Adding ads like banner ads and paid videos generates regular income based on views and interactions. Rewarded video ads are particularly effective because they give players in-game rewards for watching, ensuring a steady revenue stream while keeping the game free.

Subscription Models: Offering subscriptions with benefits like no ads and extra points for tapping coins encourages users to stay on your website longer and make more money.

Referral Options: Users can earn extra points by referring new players to the game. This helps platform owners attract new users and grow their reach. It also encourages current players to tell their friends and family about the game, which will help your user base grow.

Sponsorships and Brand Partnerships: Partnering with brands for sponsored in-game events and product placements generates a lot of revenue. These partnerships make the game more popular and trustworthy, attracting more players. They also make the brand more famous.

Cross-Promotion: Promote other games or products in your game to make money through referral traffic or cross-promotion agreements. This way of making money helps gamers find new games or things they like, which keeps them coming back to your store.

Crowdfunding and Donations: Use crowdfunding campaigns or donation options in the game to reward or recognize contributors. This way of doing things can make people feel like they belong together and help each other, which makes them want to see the game succeed.

These revenue streams can help your tap-to-earn game grow and keep players engaged. By combining different monetization strategies, into a hamster kombat clone script, you can create a sustainable and profitable gaming experience.

Why Choose MetaDiac as Your Hamster Kombat Clone Script Provider?

If you choose MetaDiac for the Hamster Kombat clone script, you will get a great gaming solution that fits your needs. Our expertise in game development, combined with our commitment to quality and innovation, guarantees a smooth and engaging gaming experience for your users. 

MetaDiac stands out:

Proven Expertise: MetaDiac Play to Earn game development company has a lot of experience in game development and can make high-quality, feature-rich games.

Customizable Solutions: We offer fully customizable scripts to ensure your game meets your unique requirements and stands out in the market.

Robust Support: MetaDiac provides comprehensive support and maintenance services for your Hamster Kombat clone script, ensuring your game runs smoothly without interruptions.

Advanced Technology: We use the latest technologies to deliver a secure, scalable, and high-performing Hamster Kombat clone.

Partner with MetaDiac and transform your vision into a successful gaming venture. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your Hamster Kombat clone script needs.

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