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After the boom of blockchain technology, different varieties of online betting games have been launched in recent times. In previous generations, people had doubts and hesitations about playing online betting games because of a lack of transparency and security. But blockchain ensures the transparency of the game play and the security of the players money.

Many betting games are available on the market, but some games will give a different experience to the users. Like that, recently, Aviator games have gained popularity among gamers from all over the world. All entrepreneurs started to work on developing a game similar to Aviator, which is known as the Aviator clone script. In this blog, we are going to learn about the aviator clone script and its uniqueness.

What is Aviator Clone Script?

Aviator Clone Script is a pre-programmed online gaming platform that imitates the core functionalities and characteristics of the most popular and recognized gaming software, Aviator. These clone scripts can be altered as per the requirements of the users with the help of white-label solutions.

The basic gaming function of the aviator is that there will be a pictorial representation of the flight; the image of the flight will start to fly once the betting amount is placed. Money will multiply depending on the height of the flight. Before the flight crashes or becomes invisible, the user should click the cash out button to withdraw the winning amount. If a user fails to click on it, the user will lose the game.

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Highlight the Exclusive Features of Aviator Clone

Every gaming platform is integrated with a variety of mesmerizing features. The reason behind the enhancement of the player's gameplay is only because of the exclusive features of the gaming software. Like that, aviator clone software also stands out with its amazing features.

Multiple Bets: In a single round, users can place two bets at the same time or within a few seconds of placing the first bet. But those bets will act as separate bets; users have to click the cash out button separately to utilize the winning amount of both bets.

Dashboard: While playing the game, there will be a dashboard on the left side of the screen. Users can use this dashboard to understand various factors like the biggest money winnings, the highest multiplier range, and betting amount for every round.

Auto Cash Out: Aviator is an unpredictable game; players can't decide when a flight becomes invisible or crashes. So, the auto-cash-out feature helps the users fix the preset value before the game starts. During the flight movement, if the money value meets the preset value, the amount will be automatically credited to your account.

Live Analysis: During the gameplay, users can get up-to-date information about the game, like how many participants are playing, the recent multiplier value, etc. It will help the players execute proper strategies as per the live circumstances.

Chat Options: This feature is most helpful for the players. They can contact other bettors or players through the chat options. It will be an added advantage for them to exchange unique strategies among the players and also enhance the bettors' network.

List out the Amazing Benefits of Using Aviator Clone Script

This gaming platform not only provides entertainment and excitement to the users, but it will also provide a lot of advantages to the players. Those benefits will enhance the engagement of the users with Aviator game clone software.

Easy Access: This gaming platform is designed with a simple user interface and layout. There will not be any confusion for the players while playing the game. There will not be any additional images apart from the flight images, which will avoid distraction for the players.

Demo Mode: All players cannot win money at the initial stage of playing. They need overall clarity and understanding of the gameplay. For that, players can use demo mode, which means playing the game without betting money. This will help users learn about the nature and rules of the aviator game.

Highly Customizable: Even though clone scripts provide a groundwork, developers have an option to add their own features, themes, or other alterations to make the game different from the original game platform, aviator. 

Cost Effective: Building a gaming platform from the ground up can be costly. If developers use the clone script can significantly reduce development costs because the primary elements and mechanics are already in built.

Enhanced Earnings: Aviator is a very simple game, but users have to make decisions accurately and immediately. If the user wins the game, there is a chance for him to get more money than the betting amount.

E.g If the user places a bet amount of Rs. 100, the flight image will start to move after the countdown, and if the user clicks the cashout button when the flight reaches a height up to the range of 2x, the winning amount will be doubled than the betting amount. Now, the winning amount of the player is Rs. 200

White Label Aviator Game Clone 

A white label aviator game clone is a customizable casino betting platform according to your business needs. As a leading crypto casino software development company offers top-notch crypto casino development. Our skilled team of developers can create your games with advanced technological stacks for both Android and iOS versions. 

How to Play Aviator Game Clone Script?

The basic function and gameplay of the aviator clone script are mentioned below. 

Create a Personal Account: The first step is to create an official account by providing the necessary details on the platform. A confirmation will be sent to your registered email.

Login and Money Deposit: Once the registration process is completed, enter the account by using your username and password. After that, login to the account and deposit your cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

Bet Placement: After completion of wallet loading with cryptocurrencies. Users can start to play the game. There will be two separate bet sections: bet 1 and bet 2. Users can place the required betting amount in the concerned place.

Choose the suitable mode: In Aviator, auto cashout mode and manual cashout mode options are available. Users can choose auto cashout mode for bet 1 and manual mode for bet 2 as per their requirements.

Flight Movement: The flight image will get started after the completion of the countdown and bet placement. It will move to a certain height gradually; ranges will be like 1x, 2x, etc.

Click the Cashout button: Users have to click the cashout button when the flight reaches the decided height. If the image crashes or becomes invisible, the user will lose the game. In auto-cash mode, if the range value meets the preset value, the winning amount will be credited to the wallet automatically. There is no need to click the cashout button.

Money Transfer: The winning cryptocurrency value will be calculated based on the betting amount and the height reached by the flight. Once the calculation is done, cryptocurrency will be deposited into the bank account or wallet. Users can withdraw whenever they want.

How to Build Aviator Clone Script?

Developing an aviator clone script involves several important steps:

Requirements of Clients: Before starting the development of a clone script, the technical team should analyze the needs and demands of the clients. The main objective of the development process will be fulfilled only by satisfying the client's requirements.

Market Research: After the collection of data from the clients, thorough market research should be done. In this stage, examine the current aviator games to learn about their features, functions, and intended user base. Decide the essential gameplay components, like missions, multiplayer options, and flight mechanics, you want to include in your clone script.

Pick the Game Engine: The next step is selecting the game engine or development platform as per the suitable requirements. Start to develop the fundamental gaming platform using the necessary tools.

Install Important Software: Once the basic platform is designed, appropriate software like game engines, plugins, or extensions should be installed.

Add Basic Features: Add a variety of game modes, like automatic, manual, and multiplayer missions. Incorporate features such as leaderboards, live statistics, etc.

Testing: Test the gaming platform thoroughly to find errors, flaws, and gameplay challenges. Enhance the user experience and balance of the gameplay, get input from playtesters, and make progressive design changes.

Deployment: Once the testing process is finished on the aviator game clone script. Publish your aviator game clone script on online stores and keep updated based on user comments or handover the product to the client after the completion of the demo.

Why Prefer MetaDiac for Developing Aviator Clone Script?

MetaDiac is a top-rated blockchain casino game development company in the current gaming industry. We have a highly experienced and skilled development team to develop the most creative and exciting games as per the requirements of the clients. At the same time, we specialized in designing clone scripts similar to the original gaming platforms. In this five-year journey, we have provided a lot of aviator clone scripts as per the requirements of regional and international clients. We confidently say that we got the highest number of positive feedback and success ratio in the development of the aviator clone script. Our main objective is to satisfy the clients by developing a high-end clone script at an affordable price without compromising on quality. If anyone wants to develop an aviator clone platform please contact us.

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