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What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallets are digital software that stores private keys and public addresses of crypto assets. It enables the progression of safe and secure transactions of digital assets from one account to another. Crypto wallets allow crypto users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and are provided with an option to keep track of their balances. Crypto wallets maintain the efficient storage of multi-currencies. We offer end-to-end wallet development services with high-security features.

Our Diverse Crypto Wallet Development Services

Centralized wallet development

Our centralized wallet development would ensure users with protection, safeguard their private keys & provide them with a peaceful trading experience. Enables users to process legitimate transactions by whitelisting the address of the wallet.

Defi wallet development

develop a decentralized wallet and initiate peer-to-peer transactions eliminating the central authority and the involvement of third parties. Transaction information are stored safely and is not shared with anyone.

NFT wallet development

Build an exclusive NFT wallet by utilizing our NFT wallet development services. Our NFT Wallet dev offers attractive flawless transactions of digital collectibles.

Multi-currency wallet development

many currencies are developed each & every day in the market. We build wallets by integrating the latest advancements. Our crypto wallet supports multiple currencies. Users need not rely on a particular currency.

Mobile wallet development

with the popularity of mobile trading, we offer our users an easy trading process from where they are. It makes their trade work simple. The trending features in mobile wallet development assure top-notch security.

Web wallet development

we ensure the secure occurrence of transactions with a web wallet. Build a reliable web wallet with a self-exploring interface that enables easy easy understanding and enhances the speed of the transactions.

Tron wallet development

We provide crypto users with Tron wallet development services. We have an expert team of Tron Dapp developers who will provide you with a robust Tron wallet including all features & options.

Bitcoin wallet development

An exclusively created wallet for bitcoin transactions. Users who prefer bitcoin trading can use this wallet development service to gain their benefits.

Ethereum wallet development

A cutting-edge featured wallet that supports Ether (ETH) & all other ERC-20 token standards running on the Ethereum blockchain network. Users preferability is given main importance.

Build high-performance secured crypto wallets with MetaDiac to flourish in Crypto trading!

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Features of our Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multi-factor authentication

We elongate the security of the wallet by providing users with multi-factor authentication. This feature provides multi-layer security to protect users accounts, transactions, and data.

Transaction history

All occurred transactions are recorded and saved, users can refer to them. Transaction history is maintained and managed to keep track of all their trading configurations.

Multi-cryptocurrency support

Our multi-currency wallet development supports almost all the significant cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins. Users can prefer their desirable choice of cryptocurrency.

Rate updates

We provide updates on the daily rise and fall of exchange rates to the users. This helps them get to know the regular price value of cryptocurrencies & assists in taking decisions by viewing value charts & graphs.

Wallet backup

Our professional developers develop the crypto wallet by pre-detecting uncertainties like devices getting corrupted, malware or cyber theft, etc. In such cases, this backup feature rebuilds all the data of the user.

Security Features

Multi-signature support

Session log out

Bio-metric security

QR code scanner

Multi-layer security

Registry Login

Password protected access

KYC verification

Two-factor authentication

Upgraded privacy

Variant types of our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Full node wallet

In a full node wallet, Users are granted an option to have complete control over the private keys and can store the entire copy of the blockchain.

Custodial wallet

Users are prevented from accessing the private keys, custodial wallet stores the private keys of the users in the server of the third party.

Desktop wallet

This wallet is exclusively designed and developed for desktops. These types of wallets work effectively on desktops in terms of the control of private keys.

Software wallet

A software wallet is like a digital bank account for storing your cryptocurrencies. It can be used operated and used as both a desktop and mobile wallet.

Hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is a special type of crypto wallet which stores the users private keys in a secure hardware device. It stores cryptocurrencies in cold storage.

Universal wallet

From the name, it suggests users can have access to different addresses of multiple cryptocurrencies in a single window.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Wallet

Integration of multiple cryptocurrencies

Our crypto wallet is integrated with multiple cryptocurrencies, as different types of cryptocurrencies get evolved day by day in the market. We provide our users with a unique cryptocurrency with the latest advancements and encrypted options.

Automated session logout

To enhance the security of the crypto wallet, we have formulated an option where the cryptocurrency wallet automatically gets logged off after every session. It gets logged off after a specific time to keep the users funds and accounts safe and secure.

Automated detection of duplicate payments

Our crypto wallets are developed with bulletproof security which detects duplicate payments. Security further upgrades to another broader scope of two-factor authentication which protects users funds. They do not accept chargebacks to protect wallets from fraudulent hackers.


Every cryptocurrency is determined by a specific value and it has limitations. The quantity and the count of cryptocurrencies cannot exceed a certain value which helps users to store and use their currencies for trades without being affected by price inflation.

MetaDiac- the perfect destination to avail your complete Crypto Wallet development services

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white-label crypto wallet

White-label Crypto Wallet Development

A white-label crypto wallet is the development of a custom wallet equipped with various technical features and modules required for the crypto business. We promise to fulfill your requirements with our white-label or custom wallet solutions. Our white-label crypto wallet development solutions render for both startups and established enterprises. We take initiative in building a high-quality crypto wallet for our customers and we offer vibrant white-label cryptocurrency wallet solutions.

Our Cryptocurrency Development Process

We follow an innovative and agile methodology in developing cryptocurrency wallets.

  • 01
    Requirement gathering and Planning

    Our team would sincerely gather the requirements of the clients and deeply analyze their pain points. After the collection of information, ideas are well organized to structure the specific plan. We will together discuss the plans regarding the development of a crypto wallet.

  • 02
    Architecture creation

    Architecture designs are laid out attractively with enormous modules which are needed for successful development. Our experts would design your wallet in the best manner which reflects an astonishing outlook. The feasibility of the project is achieved based on the business needs.

  • 03
    Crypto wallet development

    Our team of developers would build your wallet by encompassing all the intuitive attributes needed to develop an enhanced platform. Top-layer security is inbuilt into the wallet creation ensuring the protection of users cryptocurrencies.

  • 04
    Testing and deployment

    During this phase, our development team validates the quality of the product and removes any bugs present in the functionalities. After checking the standard of the wallet, your product is ready for deployment.

  • 05
    Maintenance and support

    We provide immense support to our customers even after the launch of the product. If users face any difficulties our support is always provided in any circumstances. We offer the finest solutions to overcome all kinds of downtime.

Why choose MetaDiac for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

MetaDiac is a magnificent blockchain development company. We offer blockchain-based crypto development services with excellent features and well functioning operating system. Our experienced developers will guide you through the complete development process. We provide 100% qualified products to enhance your business.

Quick response

We are fortunate enough in providing quick responses to any type of crypto project and we build all projects on time delivery. We promptly work to produce better results.

Reliable and secure

We provide high security in all kinds of our crypto development services. Users need not worry about the protection of the crypto products.

Customized solution

We offer custom development solutions with top-class customization features which attract most customers. Users ideas are implemented by adding or removing additional customized options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,our multicurrency wallet development supports all most all the significant cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin,Ethereum, Litecoin,and other Altcoins.Users can prefer their desirable choice of cryptocurrencies.
Of course.Our team of experts would always assist you with any type of query.We are always around you supporting you in all ways.We provide solutions to entire forms of deformities.
Several ways are possible through which you can earn profits they are,Transaction fees,Staking charges,Through launching a new token,Consultation fees.
MetaDiac has 5+ years of skilled experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency wallet development services.Our proficient developers are well-versed in offering elite white-label wallet solutions that promote your crypto business.Our development services are accustomed to the latest trends and discovering new techniques each day.
Multi-factor authentication,Rate updates,Multi-currency support,Transaction history ,Wallet backup.