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We Digitalize your Physical Assets, collaterals, and documents into Crypto tokens. Our Token Development is highly secured,non-breakable, and easily transfers crypto tokens on top of the blockchain networks. Our pool of token experts is highly expertise in blockchain technology support for developing your tokens on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Smart Binance chain, Solana, Polygon, etc.

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Token Development Company

Metadiac, India is the Pioneering Token Development Company navigating your start-ups and entrepreneurs' journey for your token development. We ensuring to assist with your token development. Our Services are efficient to build a crypto token in various blockchain networks such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, TRON, Polygon, and Cardano. You can expect your tokens to be generated in various standards are ERC-721, ERC-1155, and BEP-721. Our cryptocurrency development services include NFT(Non-Fungible tokens), STO(Security Token Offering), IEO(Initial Exchange Offer), ICO(Initial Coin Offering), and IDO(Initial DEX Offer). We incorporate With key features into each token are determine the requirements for token development, we create it!

Metadiac Token Development Services lays a strong foundation on our vast experience in various blockchain networks, with the added benefit of providing comprehensive assistance from your token idea to launch. Get started today and let us help you to launch tokens in the Digital Era.


Exclusive Token Development Solutions

Our exclusive token development services for entrepreneurs and SMEs create secure and scalable digital tokens with high-security processing that is regulated and trackable and traceable for every transaction for our token development services offered in the tech world.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Development

NFT token development services are built around usability. Our NFT token developers ensure that NFT tokens are properly created with secure functionality and privacy.

DeFi Token Development

Our Defi token development services are available in a wide range of various valuable token creation services. It can be utilized in regular financial activities in investments, borrowing, lending, and more. Grab complete DeFi token development services from MetaDiac.

Metaverse Token Development

Metaverse is the Next big revolution in Digital World Technology. Metaverse tokens are used in metaverse platforms, especially gaming, and digital collectibles. Similar to other tokens, metaverse tokens can be traded to buy digital assets. Developing metaverse tokens that can be used in metaverse platforms to trade assets in the digital world.

Solana Token Development

Solana Blockchain Network seems to be one of the fastest networks that charge low gas fees. SOL is the native coin for the cryptocurrency of the Solana Blockchain. Solana can create highly efficient and reliable tokens, smart contracts, DApps, NFTs, and NFT marketplaces.

Polygon Token Development

Polygon Token, previously named Matic, was created as an alternative to Ethereum. Polygon surpasses Ethereum due to its high scalability, interoperability, security, etc. Hire our token development company to create your definitive crypto tokens on the Polygon blockchain network.

Ethereum Token Development

Ethereum is the most preparable token development in the crypto space. We Build Ethereum Token With Custom Smart Contract & Auditing on various Ethereum Standards like in ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 777, ERC 223, ERC 827, ERC 1155

Tron Token Development

We Create a token on the Tron blockchain, which uses a consensus mechanism, better known as Proof of Stake (POS). It plays an important role in protecting the Tron blockchain network from vulnerable attacks and hacks. Tron network is known for a very low gas fee and fast transactions.

BEP-20 Token Development

BEP20 Token Development is currently occupying the Hype in the crypto industry and holds the future potential for the crypto business. The native BEP-20 token generation process works mainly on the Finance Smart Chain (BSC), which happily provides participants seeking the service of the Finance Chain to effectively monitor their crypto money policies. Binance Smart Chain is amazing for its decentralized process, speed and flexibility, making it an ideal platform for token creation.

Avalanche Token Development

Avalanche Token Development is developing a smart contract with the decentralized token on the Avalanche(AVAX) Blockchain platform with high transaction speed, low costs, and eco-friendliness.

Decentralized Non-Fungible Token Development (DNFT)

Create decentralized non-fungible tokens on top blockchain platforms that are unique and immutable that cannot be replaced by any other similar tokens.

Exclusive token development solutions

Token Development for ICO/IDO/IEO/STO Platforms

ICO Development

Start your own ICO by creating a limited number of crypto tokens and selling tokens to investors with an efficient ICO launchpad to help you raise maximum capital.

IEO Development

Get A Unique Initial Exchange Offering development to launch your IEO Platform and offer a crypto token for your traders as well as projects, you can raise your funds by partnering with a crypto exchange platform.

STO development

STO development helps you increase capital investment between investors and owners by providing more liquidity. By starting an STO platform, you can avail many benefits like usage and equity.

IDO development

Formation of IDO to launch initial DEX issuance platform that provides decentralized liquidity exchange. Entrepreneurs can raise capital from investors for further more development. Token Development Standards We Work For

We Develop Various Crypto Token Development Standards We Work that are

Choose Your Crypto Token Standard. Make Your Own Token a Standard For Digital Tokens

ERC - 777
ERC -223
ERC -998

Make Industries Smarter With Tokens

Evolving the Digital Era, Mostly High Profitable Sectors are transforming the Tokenizations that are



Crypto Trading

Supply Chain & Logistics

Real Estate


Virtual Games


Arts & Music



Energy & Electricity

Types of Crypto Tokens We Generate

  • Utility tokens

    The purpose of utility tokens is to provide real-time benefits in addition to the actual benefits of any crypto tokens. For example, a crypto project is published. Investors who buy those tokens will be able to get limited access to the project once the project is launched. Along with that, app token holders will get access to games, discounts, membership, and other benefits that can be enjoyed in the real world.

  • Governance tokens

    Governance Tokens are a type of crypto tokens that allow stakeholders to participate in the governance process of a project/platform, such as voting. Personality tokens should not be confused with utility tokens, as the former allows users to participate in decision-making, while the latter provides real-time benefits.

  • Security tokens

    Security tokens are structured to represent shares or a stake in a company, protecting the rights of holders. Security tokens must be created in accordance with the respective country's guidelines and SEC guidelines.

  • Asset Tokens

    Crypto tokens that are represent real-world assets are named Crypto asset tokens. For example, asset tokens can be used to represent real estate assets, gold, silver, bonds, etc. Asset tokens can be categorized into debt, commodities, real estate, and Non-Fungible tokens.

Features of Our Crypto Tokens Development Services

We MetaDiac Have a real-world experience to deliver a comprehensive offering for the token development features to our clients across the industries

  • Burnable
  • Mintable
  • Pausable
  • Capped
  • Solidity Nature
  • Token Listing
  • Increase in liquidity
  • Unique Token Creation
  • Automated SEC compliance
  • Atomic Swap
  • Tailored smart contracts
  • Risk Free Transactions
  • Secure wallet
  • Compatibility
  • Minimum Cost and Time
  • No intermediaries
  • Greater market efficiency
  • Global capital investment
  • P2P Payments and Processing

Benefits of Our Token Development

  • Hassle-free Intermediate transaction
  • Confidentiality
  • Globalized immediate and safe transaction
  • Android, IOS, Mac, & Windows are supported by our token wallet app
  • Flexible interface
  • P2P Decentralized network
  • Backs Multiple Crypto tokens
  • Boundless data
  • Profitable transactions
  • Smoothly trackable options

Crypto Token Development Platforms We Work

We are Expertise in More than 10+ Blockchain Technologies. We MetaDiac - Top Rated Blockchain Development Company End-to-End Crypto Token Development Services for all crypto Token Standards for desired blockchain networks. We have highly -skilled blockchain experts developing robust crypto tokens on top blockchain platforms & Networks at an affordable cost.

crypto token development platform

Technology We Use

Crypto Token technology

What are the defining parameters We use for Our crypto tokens?


Each token has a purpose that defines it. The main objective is to raise funds by listing those tokens on respective fundraising platforms.


There are special tokens that give privileges to the holders and the best example is the personality token.


The functionality of tokens defines several parameters like total supply, ownership, transfer, and exchange.


The technical parameters define the overall algorithm or architecture on which the tokens are designed to operate.

Make Industries Smarter With Tokens

1. Gathering your development ideas

Getting a completed consultation helps to gather the business requirements, which is the initial process where we make a proper plan and estimate based on the business requirements to satisfy the client's query.

2. Blockchain Networks Selection

Since tokens are smart contracts that operate on the blockchain, it's an essential purpose of the framework that will enable tokens to function effectively to provide effective token distribution management.

3. Coded with smart contracts

Crypto tokens are mediated and operate based on specialized software called smart contracts. These smart contracts are programmed with functional specifications that promote efficient asset transfer.

4. Quality Analysis

Once smart contracts are created for tokens, they cannot be edited. Therefore, after token development, we run quality checks to avoid possible errors.

5. Sets the token identity

Establishing Token Identity a tertiary but significant process in the token development process that involves the selection of identity, user-specified name, symbol and operational functions are set for token development.

6. Listing of tokens

Post the development and testing process and we will list the tokens on platforms that will show your tokens to people who are interested in buying Crypto participants.

Why Choose MetaDiac for Token Development?

We MetaDiac - Top Rated Blockchain Development Company developing Crypto Token Development Services for your custom requirements around the globe. We have provided crypto coin creation services for crypto projects.

We have been providing token creation services for various types of crypto projects. Apart from token creation, we also take up Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and Crypto development projects, thereby ultimately helping new entrepreneurs to enter into the Blockchain sphere.

  • Expert team

  • Robust design

  • Enhanced security features

  • Rapid development phase

  • Guaranteed outputs with full satisfaction

  • Cost Effective

  • Round-the-clock support

Frequently Asked Questions
The cost of creating crypto tokens may get varied depending on the business requirements, and customization effects that you add or remove based on the needs. Beyond the cost, we are always concerned about the best output we deliver to our clients.
As MetaDiac thrives to be the top crypto development company, we have a great set of skilled teams who strive hard in producing better results. We assist entrepreneurs in creating and launching a profitable token for their effective business. With standard quality and at an affordable cost we launch your tokens as you expect.
Flexible interface,P2P Decentralized network,Backs Multiple Crypto tokens,Boundless data,Profitable transactions,Smoothly trackable options
Solidity Nature,Token Listing,Increase in liquidity,Unique Token Creation,Automated SEC compliance,Atomic Swap,Tailored smart contracts,Risk Free Transactions,Secure wallet,Compatibility
Binance-BEP-20, BEP-721, BEP1155,Ethereum-ERC-20, ERC -223, ERC-720/721, ERC - 777, ERC -998, ERC-1155,Tron-TRC-10, TRC-20, TRC-721