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Hello Blockchain Gamers,

After the emergence of blockchain, a lot of games have started to develop with support of blockchain technology. So, BC.Games(Blockchain Games) have gained high popularity in the gaming industry. There are a lot of amazing blockchain based games available so entrepreneurs from all over the world decided to launch BC.Game clone script with the help of blockchain developers.

Many gamers are still not aware about BC.Games and also do not know why the world wants to launch the BC.Game clone. In this blog, you are going to get a complete clarity about blockchain games and the reason behind the gaming sector's high involvement in the launching of BC.Game Clone Script.

What is BC.Game?

BC.Game is a blockchain based crypto casino game that provides amazing online gaming experience for the players. More than 100+ varieties of casino games are available in the gaming platform, highly recognized and popular games are mentioned here: Roulette, Dice games, Card game and Slot game etc. Players can use cryptocurrencies as a bet amount for playing bc.games.

What is BC.Game Clone Script?

BC.Game Clone Script is a 100% bug free and preconfigured online casino gaming software that imitates the essential and core elements of the original crypto casino games. Rather than creating these clone scripts from scratch, it can be built from the BC games existing source code. These clone scripts can be adjusted and customized as per the needs of the users with the help of white label solutions.

Elite Features of our BC.Game Clone

Undoubtedly, BC.Game clones stand unique with their attractive features.

Integration of Blockchain: These scripts are crafted with support of blockchain technology. It ensures the transparency, safety and security of the players.

Incorporation of Wallet: Wallet incorporation feature helps the users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies and other assets safely. With the help of the wallet, users can withdraw money easily.

Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus will be awarded to new players on their initial registration or log-in. Incentives will be like virtual money, game-related goods, or special prizes, this feature may encourage players to start  their gaming adventure.

High End Security: Strong security features are integrated in the platform  such as fraud and hacker prevention mechanisms, two-factor authentication, and data encryption.

User Panel: Users can control the game in a number of ways with a user panel, including managing users, creating rules, and keeping an eye on transactions.

Multi-Currency Support: Many cryptocurrencies are available in the market. Users can use their preferred cryptocurrencies for playing the game. This clone script accepts all types of cryptocurrencies.

Multi-Platform Access: The majority of games in the past gaming era were only available on a few platforms. However, these games are suitable with all electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and PC etc.

Leaderboard: With the help of these features, users can see the achievements of the other players and also view their own performances.

Significant Benefits of using our BC.Game Clone Script

Instant Market Reach: Blockchain based games have already got huge recognition in the market. So, Entrepreneurs can launch the clone script of the bc.games in the market immediately and also get instant response from the audience.

Easy Customization: Entrepreneurs and users can customize the clone script as per their wish and preference. They can tailor various things like add or remove the games, modifying the layouts and integrating new features etc.

Cost Effective: If the new gaming platform is developed from scratch, it requires more time and money. These scripts are crafted with the pre existing codes so less money and time is only needed for the development.

Referral Program: Current players can invite friends and family to play games through referral links. Existing players will receive money or a bonus if new players join the virtual world through their referral link.

Enhance the Social Connections: Players can meet new people and strengthen their social bonds through playing these games. There are numerous ways to communicate with people, including voice, chat, and live audio chat.

Explore the Trending BC.Games in the Gaming Industry

In the gaming sector, the number of blockchain based games is high, I have mentioned a few top rated blockchain games here.

Axie Infinity
The SandBox
Gods UnChained
Alien Worlds

Classic BC.Games Integrated in the Clone Script

In this clone script, various evergreen blockchain games are integrated. Each game will give you different experiences. Lets see the classic games.

Dice Game: In a dice roll game, players have to roll one or more dice before the roll gets stopped, players should predict the results. Outcome of the dice roll determines whether they win or lose.

Coin Flip: A heads-or-tails coin toss game is called Coin Flip. To win a game, just click and flip a coin, the player has to choose between the head and tail. Winning result will be declared based on the display side of the coin.

Blackjack Casino: It is a widespread casino card game. To win the game, the player should score as close to 21 points. Each card has a point value. Highest value point received player will be considered as the winner.

Casino Slot: In this game, players have to insert the cryptocurrency in the respective place. Three slots will start to move, if the image of the three slots is the same once it gets stopped, the player wins the game.

How does BC.Game Work?

Here, we go with the basic working procedure of BC.Games.

Registration Process: First, users should complete their registration process by providing basic and important details in the platform. Once the registration is completed, confirmation mail will be sent to the users. 

Login and Game Preference: After the completion of registration process, users can login platform with created username and password. After that, pick the blockchain game which you want to play. Lot of games will be available on the platform.

Crypto Deposit: Once the game is selected, deposit the cryptocurrency in your wallet. It can be used as a betting amount for playing various casino games.

GamePlay: Users can start the game by placing the betting amount in the respective place. With the support of blockchain technology, users can see each and every transaction during the game play.

Money Withdrawal: The winning amounts are automatically transferred into the player's wallet, they can deposit whenever they want. Transactions will happen quickly without the need of third party involvement.

How to make BC.Game Clone Script?

Basic methodology for the crafting BC.Game Clone software is given below.

Decide the Type of Game: Choose the kind of game you wish to make or the requirement of the client. It could be a card game, dice game, casino etc. Once the game is decided, the team should start to analyse the game in the market.

Designing and Planning: The development team will start to design and develop an extensive plan for the clone script after gathering the requirements. Decide the technical architecture, database structure, wireframes, and other essential elements. 

Pick Suitable Blockchain Network: Decide the blockchain platform which you are going to work on. Various networks are available like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc. to use for your game.

Feature Integration: Implement  essential features and functionalities in the clone script. This involves creating the gaming platform with setting up systems for user authentication and authorization, and integrating third-party APIs if required.

Customization: To meet requirements of the clients and their branding, clone script can be tailored as per their preference like changing the user interface and adding payment gateway methods etc.

Testing: Once the platform is ready, it will undergo a testing process. Both manual and automated testing processes will take place. If any errors or issues arise, it will be sorted at the moment.

Launching the Platform: If the clone script passes the testing stage, it will be implemented in the live environment to get the views of the audience. If any changes require from the audience, it will be changed as soon as possible.

Why Choose us for Launching BC.Game Clone Script?

MetaDiac is a top-tier blockchain casino game company that can build high cutting edge blockchain based games with incorporation of various attractive features to enhance the gaming experience at an affordable cost. We are superior at providing various gaming clone scripts as per the requirements of the clients. Recently, our BC.Game clone script got positive feedback from the clients. We have a well trained developers team to satisfy your expectations in the clone script software. In this five years of journey, We have supported a lot of gaming entrepreneurs to launch their clone script in the market. If you are interested in developing the BC.Game Clone script please contact us.

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