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Blackchain Game Development Company

Blockchain Game Development

Initiate your blockchain game development smartly with MetaDiac —- one of the leading blockchain game developers in the market. Our extensive experience in blockchain and game development assists global entrepreneurs for businesses; startups. We provide affordable blockchain-based game development solutions at the same time without compromising on the project quality.

Build Your Own Enhanced Blockchain Game for Business from MetaDiac. Make Your Enterprise Sound and High Profit with the Right Tech-savvy.

White-label Blockchain Game Development

The white-label blockchain game is a pre-developed gaming platform available with MetaDiac combining a fully tailored option for your project. Utilizing it, you can quickly launch a powerful gaming platform on the blockchain and start to gain a lot through the trending business model. Right from it is a pre-built web app solution, it has all the updated in-app features and atmosphere. So, you can launch your own decentralized game on the blockchain which is a user-attracting, interactive, and feature-packed platform.

White-label Blackchain Game DevelopmentNFT Gaming

Top Reasons for Gaming In Blockchain

Safe Environment

dApp Games

Value on Intangible Assets

Virtual Reality in Metaverse

Secure Storage of In-game Assets

Blockchain Game Development Services

2D & 3D Virtual Game Development

We create stunning 2D and 3D virtual games using blockchain technology.

RPG (Role Play Game) Development

Develop your own RPG games with us on your desired blockchain network.

P2E (Play to Earn Game) Development

We build secure and custom P2E games using Metaverse for global clients.

Fantasy Sports Game Development

We offer comprehensive services for fantasy sports game development.

Ethereum dApp Game Development

Build your realistic game with high-end security and APIs on Ethereum.

Tron dApp Game Development

High-end decentralized game development on popular Tron blockchain.

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Top Blockchain-based Gaming Platform Clone Scripts Available With MetaDiac

JustBet Clone Script

Rocketgame Clone Script

Moolah.Bet Clone Script

Trich Clone Script

Betfury Clone Script

Wink Clone Script

Our Blockchain Game Development Solutions

Complete Game Development

We develop a full-fledged blockchain gaming platform from ready-made resources or from Scratch for your winning business launching.

Blockchain dApp Games

We can effectively assist you in launching a decentralized gaming platform that enables mobile players to play games in a secure environment.

Game Integration

We integrate efficient blockchain as per your preference and configure high-end code for high capability and scalability of your game platform.

Features of Our Blockchain Gaming Platform

  • Multi-currency Wallet
  • Interoperability
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • Systematic Play
  • Complete Decentralization
  • Native Token
  • Speedy Performance
  • Token Swapping
  • Governance Attribute
  • Gains and Rewards

Highlights of Our Blockchain Game Development


Gamification finds an ideal solution called “BLOCKCHAIN” for current issues. By developing your own game on the blockchain, you can streamline the opportunity of trade and earn for the players while getting entertained, virtually.

Smart Contract

Your blockchain game development for business enables smart contracts and provides transparency in progression. It empowers gamers to check their genuine winning rates in RPGs and the gambling industry.

Optimized Blockchain

Our white-label blockchain game uses distributed ledger technology and systems that minimize the block validation time. Our qualitative evolution of the architecture also contributes robust security and privacy to your project.


On the gaming platform, in-game assets like swords and skins are coded into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) by the developers and players. They are entirely unique and connect with an immutable ownership record.

Genres Of Blockchain Games We Serve

We Created blockchain game development and dapps with high-quality standards and impressive features. We provide high-quality blockchain game development services for various categories.

Decentralized Gaming

Your decentralized game development as P2E for business has many potential benefits as mentioned below. Additionally, the more players play the game, the more assets they can collect. Thus, it leads them to find more valuable and be engaged with your decentralized gaming platform.

Secure Wallets

Live Chat

Assets Exchange

Ultra Speed Game Process

Ownership Authority

Native Tokens

Compact Storage

Alluring Rewards

Metaverse Gaming

MataDiac offers the first-rated Metaverse Game Platform development services. Our team of skillful and dedicated game developers builds realistic games for mobile, PC, and Web applications. We could create a revolutionary game platform for your business embracing leading technologies like 2D/3D, AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality). Following, explore our popular white-label Metaverse game below that produces immersive virtual 3D games and dApps with incredible performance.

Axie Infinity Clone

Sandbox Clone

RedFox Clone

Decentraland Clone

Battle Pets Clone

Gods Unchained Clone

NFT Gaming

NFT gaming platform development is the brainchild of Blockchain games, yet it is an advanced state of progress and fully customizable based on your business requirements. The platform allows gamers to not only play games but also trade and monetize game assets via digital ownership. The users can sell their assets to various NFT marketplaces. Our NFT game development combines three major factors as mentioned below.

  • Planning

  • Animations

  • High Texture Rendering

NFT Gaming
Crypto Game Development

MetaDiac, as a leading crypto game development company, offers you affordable crypto game development solutions. We build player-centric crypto games, where the players can play games, gain cryptos, and in-game rewards such as tokens and cryptocurrencies. That can be also traded on secondary marketplaces for passive income. Our crypto game development for your project incorporates the following benefits.

  • High Level of Scarcity

  • Programmability

  • Decentralization

Crypto Game Development

Benefits of Blockchain Game Development

One-stop Solution

The decentralization technology of blockchain allows your game platform users to connect their profiles from one game to another quickly. So that they don’t need to create various profiles to play different games on your platform.


Your game developed on the blockchain is 100% original. It provides the space for users to purchase in-game assets in the form of NFTs, which are more accessible with the blockchain; immutable, and can be stored in wallets.


Transparency of information with your gaming platform is another benefit of the implementation of blockchain. Whatever the transfer and transactions happen on the platform can be visible to the audience genuinely at any point in time.

Game Currency

The transactions the users make to purchase any in-game items using game currency will be less costly. There will be an open market of your game, where your platform users can make transactions at low casts using your own game currency.

Secured Payment Gateways

Your secure payment gateway enabled blockchain game from MetaDiac allows your platform to collect micropayments much easier and faster. There is no intermediary. It is protected with multi-layer security for pledged transactions.


Gamers really enjoy playing games on the blockchain. Each win or fall will affect their token quantity. No matter with whom they are playing: friends, family, colleagues, or unknown personalities — socialization be maintained.

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Our Blockchain Game Development Process

  • Defining Concepts

    We listen to your business needs, collaborate, and can provide valid suggestions.

  • Game Ideation

    On this basis, a complete game development plan would be created and design begins.

  • Game Design

    We will start to design your gaming platform and send it to you asking for confirmation.

  • Development

    Once you confirm a design, we perform full-stack development for the project.

  • Testing

    After the development process is finished, your new game undergoes critical testing.

  • Project Live

    When the project testing shows a green signal, it moves to live and is available for users.

  • Support

    We as your tech partner will constantly support you technically 24/7 for the game project.

Technology We Use

Web Apps Creation
  • MEAN Stack

  • MERN Stack

  • Laravel

  • Codelgniter

Blockchain Technology
  • Web3JS

  • Solidity

  • Truffle

  • Infura

3D Creation Tools
  • Unity

  • Maya

  • Blender

  • Unreal Engine

Build Your Own Gaming Platform on Primary Blockchains Networks

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Waves

  • Avalanche

  • Binance

  • Chainlink

  • HECO Chain

  • WAX

  • Solana

  • Algorand

  • Tezos

  • Cardano

  • Fantom

  • Cosmos

We Are a Well-established Blockchain Gaming Platform Development Company. Our Dedicated Game Developers Are Ready to Work on Your Blockchain Game Development Project With Excellent Features.

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Why Choose Us

MetaDiac always stands out from other developers by providing top-notched blockchain and crypto development services for clients. We also provide you with business benefits when being your tech partner. We have experts to guide you for your whole blockchain gaming business success, fast achievement in competitions, industry trends, and upgrading market scenarios. Following, find the primary reasons to choose us for your gaming platform development on blockchain.

  • Proven Strategies

  • Highly Secured

  • Platform Maintenance

  • Full Transparency

  • Advanced Blockchain Game

Blackchain Gaming Platform Development Company
Frequently Asked Questions
Developing your blockchain game for business could be done in two different development methods: READY-MADE SOFTWARE & SCRATCH. We, as a leading blockchain techie, offer you both options for your business project. It is just enough to contact our team regarding We provide you a free consultation. We can build your project, explain the business model, guide you for gainful business establishment and provide valid suggestions regarding the industry trends.
Blockchain game development for your business involves many important factors like customization; features add-ons or removals, tech stacks used, API integrations, complexity level, etc. Depending on these factors only, your entire blockchain game development timing will be. But, with an expert team like ourselves, it is possible for you to complete your project within a month (approx.).
Yes. We have white-label blockchain game development solution that you find very cost-effective for your business launching. You can customize it 100% based on your project needs and business requirements. It is entirely affordable compared to developing from Scratch.
Yes. Definitely, you can make it! Blockchain is transforming lots of industries in the modern day. Online gaming is not an exemption, and also it is a hot topic among gamers, today. Based on trends, your current plan for building your own blockchain-based gaming platform will acquire a number of users fast. Thus, returns will be enormous in the business for sure.
We offer you an entire blockchain game development maintenance and upgrade services with our white-label solution that contributes to high-level network security. Moreover, we provide you portability services for your game platform and nodes that enable you to shift them to your preferred blockchain ecosystem, if you want to.
Yes. We offer you a 360° custom blockchain game development. Thereby, you can customize the complete by default of our white-label blockchain game, right from your own unique ideas.