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Are you thinking of revolutionizing Financial System With Defi? Join with our hands to deploy your Digital Financial Eco-system With Metadiac.

Our Decentralized Finance Solutions and Applications are all upgraded in Defi Space. With over four years of proven industry experience in blockchain solutions and services, Metadiac promises the ability to turn your DeFi business dreams into reality.

defi Development Company

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development - The Next Evolution Of Finance Ecosystems

DeFi development company encourages startups and beginning entrepreneurs to switch to decentralized finance rather than conventional finance systems. Decentralized finance allows users to take hold of their own financial assets without any third-party involvement.

Decentralized Finance has gained such massive fame because of its more secure, transparent nature and low transaction fees. The chief focus of decentralized Finance is to strengthen finance without banks or to assist in enhancing millions of unbanked people across the world.

Stepping foot into the DeFi world is the greatest thing you can do to secure a reliable and profitable future for your business. DeFi platforms are popping up across every financial sector and have all the potential to bring revolution and become the future of finance.

Future Of DeFi Eco System

DeFi progresses by racing ahead to meet the demands of the modernistic crypto world. Decentralized finance is rapidly increasing as a way to provide innovative financial services. Global blockchain spending is expected to hit massively $19 billion by 2024. DeFi is perceived to be the financial future as it brings solutions to traditional financial problems. After its initiation in 2017, the total value locked in DeFi protocols has blasted from $4 to $14.54 billion. Exponential growth is expected to reach a high peak in the upcoming years.

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Our DeFi Development Solutions

Our experts offer several ranges of solutions to enlighten the business of our customers and we provide complete encompassed Decentralized services that provide you a trustworthy and secure platform to initiate your robust business.


DeFi Dapp development

DeFi Dapp development plays a significant role in avoiding the risk arises due to the centralised authority. They are highly secured applications when compared to centralised applications. Build your DeFi-based Dapp using our DeFi development services to promote trust.


DeFi token development

DeFi token development boosts the growth of decentralized applications. Tokenize any real-world assets now with our DeFi token development solutions. We make it simple for our users to gain access to any asset from anywhere. Our skilled experts would deliver you the enhanced token.


DeFi wallet development

We help users to have complete access over their funds and data. Our DeFi development team builds exclusive security-packed wallets to have safe transactions without any interference from riskers. There will be no erasing of data as we provide our users with unique private keys.


DeFi smart contract development

DeFi smart contracts are created using a solidity programming language which enriches the tremendous growth of DeFi services. It is highly encrypted and executes the tasks based on fixed terms and conditions. Our DeFi-based smart contracts ensure effective transactions through a peer-to-peer network without intermediaries.


DeFi exchange development

DeFi exchange development platform makes trading and transacting crypto accessible and lucrative for crypto users. Create your own exchange by making avail of our stable and scalable decentralized exchange development ensuring the privacy and security of users records.


DeFi lending and borrowing platform

Using Decentralized smart contracts, users can issue and borrow loans in a quick and reluctant manner. Our DeFi lending and borrowing platform issues enhanced the way of borrowing and lending of funds. Helps users to make use of these Decentralized services for their needs.


DeFi staking platform development

By developing the staking platform you can unlock the rewards. Crypto assets will be staked on a wallet through which income can be earned. Rewards can be calculated by accessing the quality and quantity of staked assets. DeFi staking platform earns you profits.


DeFi yield farming platform development

DeFi yield farming refers to the technique where one can earn more cryptocurrencies fostering the highest yields. Liquidity providers play a crucial role in the success of yield farming. Larger liquidity pools lead to higher rewards.


DeFi insurance platform development services

Our DeFi insurance development services offer an impeccable variety of crypto asset deposits, ensures protection, and cyber security against frauds. With our robust insurance services, we assure revolutionary Decentralized Finance development services.


Decentralized lottery system development

We allow users to invest their capital in other Dapps and distribute those rewards in form of interest gained. Our engraved smart contract selects users to offer rewards without affecting their investments. Customers get to experience the all-new DeFi lottery system.

Benefits Of DeFi Development

To ensure flawless business transactions and user experience, we built our DeFi platform with all newly added standard features which give the Decentralized Finance platform an elegant look.


Our DeFi platform is based on a complete automation working process which eliminates the need for manual interference. Automatic working makes easy accessibility of functions for customers in using the platforms.

Global access

Decentralized Finance is portrayed as globally accessible to everyone irrespective of their wealth, status, or geographical location. Our well-equipped DeFi platform is made available for global users with customizable options.

Versatile accessibility

Our DeFi development allows for a wide range of accessibility to digital assets. This versatile accessibility improves the scalability of the Decentralized Finance platform.

Cross-chain compliance

We provide cross-chain compliance in our DeFi development services to give users the option to access the assets from other chains which has the potential to adhere cross-chain networks.


The absence of central authority in controlling the users data has made users gain enormous trust. Worldwide secure network has made more customers involved in it.

Highly secure

Our Decentralized platforms are enriched with peer-to-peer mechanisms to avoid the chance of data breaches. Ensures end-to-end transactions with enhanced protection for users data.


Integrates multiple Decentralized Finance applications into one module making a user-centric platform. Our DeFi development platform fetches high interoperability on multiple DeFi platforms.

Smart contracts

We assure solidity-based smart contracts in our DeFi development which provides security and robust functioning of platforms. It prevents the occurrence of conflicts that arises because of automation.

Our White Label DeFi DEX Clone Solutions

As a prominent DeFi development company, we incorporate all popular DeFi-based white label exchange clone solutions with our 100% customization DeFi development solutions for your smart business launching on the blockchain.

Uniswap clone script
PancakeSwap clone script
Safemoon clone script
BakerySwap clone script
JustSwap clone script
SushiSwap clone script
1inch clone script
Polkaswap clone script

DeFI Development On Various Blockchain

We extend our DeFi development services on various blockchain platforms and offer you excellent development services which fetch you a win-win solution for your productive business.


Our Advanced Security Features in DeFi Apps

  • Return value call verification
  • Owner-level permission control
  • Vulnerability level distribution
  • Transaction order dependency detection
  • Origin authentication
  • Frozen account bypass detection
  • Compiler version security

DeFi Development Services For Major Industries

We formulate DeFi development services for various industries of enterprises. Our Decentralized finance development for focused industries are,

  • Gaming
  • DEX
  • DApp
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Fintech
  • Legal Industry
  • Intellectual property rights
  • E-commerce

Billion Dollar Business Revenue Streams in DeFi - EcoSystem

Trading fees

Boost your growth exclusively with a consistent fee from a highly liquid market. Through the revenue received from trading fees, extra income can be claimed based on the fees generated.

Token fundraising

Raise funds for your DeFi platform by implementing the ICO launch into your project by radiating the hype around the market.

Venture investments

Venture capitalists innovate businesses with strong growth potential. Draw the attention of venture capitalists and upgrade your business with investment funds.

Token value

As your token gets popularized and reaches great triumph, then it expands its token value, growth, potential and the demand for tokens enlarges to a peak.

Lowered cost

Other technical costs are reduced because of the elimination of third parties. Associate charges and maintenance costs are decreased due to the absence of intermediaries.

Our Process to Build Future-Ready DeFi Solutions

  • Client Requirements

    We gather our clients business model requirements to prepare a blueprint for implementing further. It helps us to map out the existing workflows and our future aspirations in building competent Decentralized Finance solutions.

  • Architecture Designing

    A design is framed by validating the discussed plans and ideas. Our expert developers start implementing their creative and innovative skills into the DeFi development solutions to deliver our users a well-qualified platform.

  • Development

    We initiate the development process as per the prepared blueprint. Programming and coding by following the mapped-out plan get executed in this phase. We inherit all the advancements in our development process.

  • Crucial Testing

    The deployed DeFi software undergoes serious testing to ensure a bug-free app environment. A quality check is done to ensure the accurate operation of the platform before it gets ready for market sale.

  • Deployment and maintenance

    After client approval and satisfaction, the platform goes to live. Even after deployment we continuously ensure for improvements, maintain and optimize the platform by providing round-the-clock support.

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Why is Metadiac the Perfect Choice for Your DeFi Development?

MetaDiac, the pioneering DeFi development company fosters a huge impact in the crypto industry. Our professional developers will build an elite DeFi development platform based on the requirements of clients. Our DeFi applications are highly remarkable and customizable offering a wide scope for clients to do the modification according to their peculiar needs. Top-notch post-delivery service ensures that our products continue to amaze the clients even after the launch of the platform. These are the feature-rich qualities that make us stand ahead of others.

  • Prompt delivery
  • Quality assurance
  • Constant upgradation
  • Post-launch support
  • Passionate development team
Frequently Asked Questions
Decentralized Finance thrives to be the best option than traditional finance as it provides a high level of security and efficacy. It provides various advantages of earning profits in a hassle-free manner. DeFi eliminates the involvement of third parties and provides its users with a protected platform to enrich their business.
Our DeFi platform incorporates top-end security features which bring you to trust the Decentralized Finance platform.1)Return value call verification,2)Owner-level permission control,3)Vulnerability level distribution,4)Transaction order dependency detection,5)Origin authentication
The most popular Decentralized Finance exchange clone scripts are listed below.1)Uniswap script,2)BakerySwap script,3)JustSwap script,4)PancakeSwap script,5)SushiSwap script,6)Safemoon clone script,7)1inch clone script,8)Polkaswap clone script
The duration of time for developing your decentralized finance exchange will vary depending on some factors such as the custom-made software development requirements, modifications in existing features, and technology usage.
Cost-effectiveness in building your DeFi software.1)Fast software launching,2)System automation leaves no room for occurring of manual errors,3)Absence of intermediaries lessens your transaction fees,4)Process more transactions in a limited time,5)Great flexibility and greater accuracy