Build A Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming Like Axie Infinity


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Online games are an unstoppable level of play-to-earn functionality. It's guaranteed to double the gaming experience. There is no denying that an online NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity with a Play-to-Earn feature multiplies the overall gaming experience and encourages user acquisition.

Axie Infinity is one of the pioneering and highly acclaimed NFT gaming sites that have caught fire among serious online gamers and NFT enthusiasts trying their hand at it. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, NFT markets like Axie Infinity enable players to buy, breed, sell, and compete against other axies.

Axie Infinity Clone Script 

Axie Infinity Clone Script is a digital universe pet game based on a P2E(play-to-earn) game platform. where users can purchase and take into a war-based game like axie infinity. Our Axie Infinity Clone Script is built with cutting-edge technology on a blockchain with High attractive UI design and multi-feature functionalities. This Axie Infinity Clone Script is developed and used with battle, race, axis, land, and many other game features so that players can get NFTs.

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Our Specification of Axie Infinity Clone Script 

Latest Version:  Axie Infinity Clone Script (Updated on April 7, 2023)

Script Type:   NFT Gaming Marketplace 

Blockchain Networks:   Ethereum (Based on your requirement)

APIs:   Gaming APIs along with Security APIs.

In Built-Features Acquired: Battle, Breed, Land, Marketplace, and more (Customizable) 

Features of our Axie Infinity Clone script

We designed and built the Axie Infinity clone to deliver the same features as the Axie Infinity.

Admin Features
  • High-Secured CMS & CRM
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • User Management
  • Ad Modules
User Features
  • Realistic 3D experience
  • High-Level Graphics Experience
  • Rewards Available
  • 100% Transparency
  • No operational risks
  • Safety of Investment
  • Referral Methods
Security Features
  • AES Encryption Prevention
  • Anti CSRF Token
  • XSS Clean
  • PHP End of support:
  • Debug mode enabled
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Referral Methods

In-Built Functionalities Of Our Axie Infinity Clone


One of The Best features of axie infinity gaming is that users can battle with another real-time user and get exciting rewards and tokens


The function of the land refers to the use of game elements. Each plot of land acts as a security of the axis and can be tokenized to purchase more plots in the Axie Infinity Field.

Axie Breeding

If users want to improve their pets, the mold breeding method is followed. Through this breeding process, new pets are created with special genetic traits to fight against the enemy.


Exchange can take place through this market for trading and buying purposes. Essentially, NFTs are traded. Game add-ons such as weapons, accessories, and pets can be used to create NFTs.

Small love portion

The ERC20 token used to reproduce new bread is called a small love piece. As we all know, reproduction can provide additional benefits to users even if they are not part of print governance.

  • HP
  • Accuracy


Axies have six body parts and subject to upgrades, the Axie can prove superior to its peers. Axes with highly developed body parts can participate efficiently in battle and outwit their counterparts in battle. Body parts include,

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Horn
  • Mouth
  • Back
  • Tail


  • Plant
  • Aqua
  • Reptile
  • Beast
  • Bug
  • Bird

How Does It Work On Our Axie Infinity Clone?

  1. Here we take you through how our NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity works.
  2. To get started, first platform users must complete the profile registration and wallet integration procedures.
  3. To engage in battle, players must have at least 3 axes, which can be purchased within the marketplace.
  4. If players are smart enough to play battles and win, they can earn tokens. Earned tokens can be staked to achieve abundant rewards.
  5. Meanwhile, players can start breeding their molds, thus bringing about entirely new mold creatures.
  6. In addition to these all-game activities, players are allowed to tokenize lands and build and sell them on the market.

How is our Axie Infinity Clone used for launching NFT-based gaming?

NFT games have managed to grab the attention of online gamers in a short period because of the array of benefits they have on their side. Also, the advantages they possess will influence new gamers to flock toward NFT gaming platforms.

  • Shielded with hack-proof security protocols
  • Chances of getting rewards are high
  • Decentralized nature
  • Amazing gaming experience
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Everything a gamer sees in an online NFT gaming platform!

Axie Infinity Clone - To start an NFT game like Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Clone is an NFT Marketplace Development that fully implements its functions as an Axie Infinity game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Axie Infinity Clone is a blockchain-powered NFT gaming software solution with state-of-the-art blockchain technology with user-attractive UI design and functionality.

Blockchain Networks

  • Ethereum
  • Tron
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon | Matic

Wallet Integration

  • Metamask
  • Own Wallet System Like Rohin
  • Wallet Bridge

Tech Stack

  • Programming Language: MEAN | PHP | Solidity
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Design: Twitter Bootstrap
  • SEO Friendly.

How to create an NFT game like Axie Infinity?

If you want to create an NFT game like Axie Infinity, the process can be challenging. You will need to hire the best NFT Game development company. Here are the step-by-step development processes for an Axie Infinity clone script:

Unique idea

You are developing an NFT game similar to Axie Infinity, but you need some unique features. With these unique features, you can stand out in the market compared to other companies, so you increase your chances of success.

Developing a Prototype

Now that you have a unique idea, it's time to test your concept. Use 'Draw Your Prototype,' but remember, it doesn't have to be perfect; it's just a testing process. Experiment and refine your innovation as you go, and you'll be one step closer to bringing your vision to life.

Choosing Blockchain platform

Now, you need to select the most suitable blockchain platform (such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.) for your game and implement smart contracts to manage in-game assets. Additionally, you should develop a token system for your game to facilitate in-game transactions and rewards, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Finally, don't forget to conduct thorough testing and security measures to safeguard your game's ecosystem.

Here are some blockchain platforms that will support for Axie Infinity clone script

BSC (Binance Smart chain)







Development Process

The development process begins with tasks such as designing your user interface, creating assets, implementing gameplay mechanics, character creation, and backend coding. This is similar to how Axie Infinity was developed.

This part of the process is really important for making a game that people will enjoy and want to keep playing. We have to create a strong foundation for an outstanding gaming experience that stands out in the gaming world.

Wallet integration

Wallet integration plays a main role since we need to store our assets, such as NFTs, in our wallet. Here are some of the best wallets:

1. Ronin Wallet

2. Metamask Wallet

3. Trezor Wallet

4. Ledger Wallet

5. Trust Wallet

6. MyEther Wallet

Choose a wallet based on the blockchain technology you have selected.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Thoroughly test the game to identify and fix bugs and ensure a smooth gaming experience.


After completing all of the above-mentioned processes,  you are ready to launch your website. Announce the launch date and launch your game by yourself or choose a game launching platform such as Steam, GeForce Experience, or Razer Cortex. And build a community around your game 

What Game is Similar to the Axie Infinity game?

Here are the 5 best alternative games for Axie Infinity game

Zed Run: Zed Run is an Ethereum blockchain-based online horse racing game where players can buy, breed, and race digital horses. In this game, each horse is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT).

CryptoKitties: If you are familiar with the Axie Infinity game, It is impossible not to know about CryptoKitties, one of the first and best Ethereum-based blockchain games, like zed run, Each cat is represented as an NFT.

Splinter Lands game: The game Splinter Lands is based on blockchain technology, and each card in the game represents an NFT. In Splinter Lands, players collect, trade, and battle using these NFT cards, which creates a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

Sorare: Sorare is an NFT-based fantasy football game where users can buy, sell, and trade players. It offers a unique blend of blockchain technology and football, allowing users to build their dream teams, compete in various leagues, and engage in a thriving virtual football ecosystem."

Sandbox : Sandbox is a play-to-earn blockchain-based game where users can create their own virtual world and they can shape their unique digital universe.

Why partner with us for Axie Infinity like NFT Game Development?

We have vast experience in developing blockchain and NFT projects, and the portfolio of market development projects listed on our website attests to that. Scroll down to find out what more benefits we have in store for you. We have mastered providing all kinds of major NFT game clone script solutions with the best results.

We Metadiac - a Blockchain Development Company offer best-in-class Axie Infinity clone scripts specially designed and developed for startups and entrepreneurs. We have well-trained blockchain developers to develop and deliver the Axie Infinity clone script within the specified time frame as per the client's requirements.

If this NFT gaming platform inspires you to create something similar, contact us as we have a fully customizable white label Axie Infinity clone.

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