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After the launch of blockchain technology, all types of industries have started to use cryptocurrencies and tokens in their business to enhance their organization to reach new heights in the respective sectors. In Particular, the creation of tokens is slightly increasing because tokens are used to hold the ownership for different rights, assets, or functionalities in the decentralized ecosystem. In this token arena, various types of crypto token standards are available, each standard having its unique functionalities. Recently, BEP20 standards are trending and a hot topic in the crypto market.

Binance Smart Chain, or BSC is a widely recognized cryptocurrency trading platform in the blockchain ecosystem. The purpose of BSC is to offer a high-performance framework for decentralized applications development, smart contract support, blockchain interoperability, and other DeFi products. 

Lets see about BEP20 based tokens elaborately in this blog.

What is BEP20 Token Development?

BEP20 token development is the process of creating crypto tokens based on the BEP20 standards with the support of binance smart chain blockchain network. The basic functions of these tokens are similar to ERC20 tokens and are utilized for several functions, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi), etc.

MetaDiac is a topnotch crypto token development company in the blockchain world, especially when it comes to making BEP20 tokens. We're good at creating tokens for your business that have all the latest features. Whether you want a token for Ethereum, Tron, or the BNB chain, we've got you covered. Our BEP20 token development services are the best and come with great features, all at a fair price.

Features of BEP20 Tokens Development 

Here is the list of features that make the BEP20 tokens more special than other standard tokens. 

Interoperability: BEP20 tokens have strong interoperability features, they are highly versatile and useful in the decentralized finance (DeFi) environment because they can effortlessly interact with other tokens and protocols across various blockchain networks.

Token Cap: If you are a token holder, you can increase or decrease the actual value of the tokens without permission of any other third party. Whether it is a soft or hard cap, soft cap means less amount and hard cap means high amount.

Token Backlisting: This is the most important feature in this token. if the hackers tried to use the token in some other fraudulent platforms for doing malicious things, the token will not work.

Token Burning: Burning tokens is the process of removing the tokens from circulation permanently. By reducing the number of tokens in circulation and raising the value of the remaining tokens.

POS & DPOS Support: POS- Proof of Stake, DPOS- Delegated Proof of Stake POS will help to use and stake the tokens to earn rewards and also DPOS helps the token holders to vote and make the decision on how things should function.

BEP20 Token Development Services

By using our BEP20 token development services, entrepreneurs can enhance their business operations and revenues. 

BEP 20 Token Migration: These services will help to migrate the BEP20 tokens from one blockchain network to others like ethereum, solana etc.

BEP 20 Token Listing: To enhance the popularity of the newly created BEP20 tokens, this service will make the listing of the created BEP20 tokens in the number of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

BEP 20 Token Wallet Development: To manage the various cryptocurrencies and tokens in a single place, the BEP20 token wallet has been developed to prevent them from being stolen.

Smart Contract Development: Smart contracts development services are automated blockchain-based programs that help to generate contracts  between two business parties without intermediaries.

Initial Coin Offering Development: This service enables to development of an ICO platform with amazing designs and features to raise the money for the crypto-based projects by providing ICO-based BEP20 tokens.

BEP 20 Token Minting & Burning: Based on token inflation and deflation, these services will help to create and remove BEP20 tokens in the market.

Primary Perks of Developing a BEP20 Token in BSC Network

The tokens which are built using the binance smart chain blockchain network will provide a lot of benefits. Let's see the perks of BEP20 token development on binance smart chain.

Faster Transaction: When compared to many other blockchain networks, BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) offer faster transaction speeds because of the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm variant used in the BSC consensus mechanism.

Transparency: BEP20 tokens will provide a clear picture of the tokens like who is the current owner and how it has been used. So, transparency is high for BEP20 standard based tokens.

Low Processing Fees:  When the tokens are developed in the binance smart chain networks, it will charge only less amount for the creation process. It will save the cost of the development process.

Accessibility: BEP20 tokens are created with the support of BSC blockchain network, so these tokens can be accessed and utilised in various blockchain applications and also supported in various crypto wallets like metamask wallet, trust wallet etc.

Mass Token Development: The tokens that are created with the support of BSC blockchain networks offer you some of the best business outcomes when it comes to producing a large number of BEP 20 tokens in a shorter amount of time.

List Out Best BEP20 Tokens In 2024 

3. TWT
7. WRX
8. BSW
11. NEAR
12. RUNE

How to Create a BEP20 Token?

Most of the developers will use the same formula for the token development. Here, you will get a basic process about how to create a BEP 20 token.

Analyze the Requirement: First, we need to collect the basic requirements from the clients to develop tokens.

Choose the Suitable Blockchain Platform: The next step is selecting the blockchain network for developing the BEP 20 tokens. Binance Smart Chain is a highly preferable blockchain platform.

Integration of Elements in the Tokens: Decide the essential features and elements to integrate into the tokens. At the same time, decide the various factors of the tokens like name, symbol and supply etc.

Smart Contract Development: In this stage, the smart contract creation process will happen. It helps to define the functionality of the token, including its supply, transfer logic, and any extra features like staking, burning mechanisms, etc.

Testing Stage: Once the development process is over, it will undergo both manual and automated testing to fix the bugs and errors in the tokens.

Token Distribution: This is the most important stage, sharing the information about the tokens in the market through various options like airdrop or token sale.

BEP 20 Token Launch: After the knowledge distribution of the tokens, let's start to list the tokens in popular exchange platforms like binance smart chain. Now, tokens can be traded between the users. 

How much does it cost to develop BEP20 token?

BEP20 token serves as the foundation for all transactions available on the Binance Smart Chain. They are created utilizing the most recent technological frameworks and following industry standards. We provide top-notch BEP20 token creation services for startups and business owners who want to stand out in the market.

When you're thinking about creating a BEP20 token, one of the first things you'll want to know is how much it's going to cost. The cost of making a BEP20 token on the BNB chain depends on a few important factors:

  • The type of business you have
  • What features you want your BEP20 token to have
  • How you want your BEP20 token to look
  • How many BEP20 tokens you want to make
  • How complex your project is
  • The size of the team working on your token
  • Where the token development team is located
  • Creating and testing the BEP20 token
  • Distributing the tokens
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance

All these factors will affect the cost of creating your BEP20 token. It's hard to give an exact price, but typically, making a BEP20 token on the Binance blockchain can start at around $9,000. This might also include creating a cool mobile app for your BEP20 token that works on both Android and iOS. However, remember that the cost can vary based on your specific business needs and ideas.

Why Choose MetaDiac for Developing BEP20 Tokens?

MetaDiac is a versatile crypto token development company that can build various crypto tokens as per the requirements of the clients at a reasonable price. We are highly specialized in developing tokens based on various standards. In particular, Our token developers are extremely talented with high technical knowledge to create tokens within a short period. In our five years of journey, we have developed a lot of tokens but BEP20 token is a notable work of ours. It has been highly praised by clients from all over the world. Our main aim is to encourage entrepreneurs to create tokens for their assets to enhance their organization's growth. 

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