Bithumb clone script- A Profitable Exchange solution for Cryptopreneurs!


In this fast-approaching world, competitions are heading towards each and every day. People have to showcase their smartness to survive in this world.



It applies to every industry and business platform.



Many entrepreneurs look for a high-potential business model to succeed and take it to great heights. In this way, many people started their move toward cryptocurrency exchanges and it sought most of the attention of people. This is how the birth of new crypto exchanges took its root.



And most crypto enthusiasts were looking forward to initiating their crypto exchange similar to Bithumb.



Wondering how it jumped off to the top position?🤔



Keep reading on!📖


Brief History of Bithumb


Bithumb is South Korea's leading finance platform that generates extraordinary value. Bithumb Korea has emerged as the #1 exchange in the world with a high trading volume by launching its services in 2014. It has established its growth as the all-time best virtual asset exchange platform. Its prime motive is to connect the world with the leading global digital finance platform. Bithumb exchange focuses on providing endless innovation and trust to crypto users and enthusiasts.


What is Bithumb Clone Script?


Bithumb clone is a readymade or customizable exchange solution that replicates the features and functionalities of the popular crypto exchange platform Bithumb. Bithumb clone consists of vital trading features that exhibit all the operations accurately. 



It includes a customization option for our development service, so users can modify it as per their business specifications. Additional plug-ins, core functions, and theme modifications can be done to make your crypto trading platform look unique. 


Reasons to Choose Bithumb Exchange

Selected digital assets


Bithumb crypto trading platform lists out the chosen global market digital assets with investment values for stability and marketability. This exchange also protects its users from the damages caused by the untested minor coin which has the probability of price manipulation.

Abundant liquidity


Significant coins headed by Bitcoin and Ethereum have high market capitalization and investor interest. A crypto exchange like Bithumb fosters abundant liquidity and assists in the execution of fast and smooth sales for traders.

Transparent business


Bithumb's priority is to safeguard the customer assets and protect the total amount of customer assets. They would separate the customer investment assets and company assets and disclose the asset management status on the homepage for the reference of others.

Ultimate Features of Bithumb Clone Software

Quick payment system


The barcode-based quick offline crypto payment system can be used in frequently visiting places such as theatres, bookstores, and cafes. Payments can be easily processed through barcode payment by entering the secured password. Be the first to enjoy the ease of cryptocurrency payment.

QRcode-based quick transfer


Bithumb cash can be used for quick transfer of crypto payment using a QR code. Payment becomes easy as users can scan the QR code displayed in the outer place and enter the amount. Experience the easy and fast 1-minute transfer method.

High trading volume


Bithumb crypto exchanges deal with a high volume of trades, it becomes difficult for maintaining the rates of the market. A safe way of transactions is made and stocks with higher volume consist of more investors who are more attentive to buying and selling.



The exchange section is enclosed with various trading pairs which also display the trading chart along with real-time data on price and 24h trade volume. Users can easily search for crypto pairs without always scrolling down.

Order book system


The order book lists the orders that present different orders from buyers and sellers. It also displays the prices and volume crypto users are willing to buy and sell. It provides instant and valuable market pricing information for the benefit of users.

Security Features of Bithumb Exchange Script

  • Anti-DDoS (Anti-Distributed Denial of Service)

  • Cross-Site forgery protection (CSRF)

  • Double-factor Authentication

  • E-Mail or SMS-based verification process

  • Quick KYC/AML authentication

  • Multi-Sig Wallet

  • HTTPS authentication

  • SSL integration

  • End-to-end data encryption

Astonishing Benefits of Bithumb Exchange Clone

  • Quick launch

  • Reliable and secure

  • High scalability

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Faster deployment

  • Customizable features

How to Create an Account on a Bithumb-like Exchange Platform?


The step-by-step process to create an account in a Bithumb-like exchange platform is as follows,


  • Visit the specified site and sign-up with the button located in the top right corner.

  • It directs you to the sign-up page and completes the verification procedure to proceed further.

  • When the verification process is completed by entering the code you can create an account.

  • After the account creation, it will send a “success registry” note.

  • Along with successful registration, 2-step verification will appear. Users can choose google authentication or SMS verification.

  • Follow the steps and your account gets created. 


It's done!😎 Now you can start trading and earn more benefits.

Our User-friendly Bithumb Clone App Development


Bithumb clone app is a crypto trading mobile application that is enclosed with all the advanced trading features and functions of the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. Launching a Bithumb mobile trading platform will make trading easier and adds value to your crypto business. Offering a mobile app with attractive features benefits users in many ways.


  • Fingerprint unlocking

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Pop-up notification

  • Margin trading

  • OTC trading

  • Order book

  • Multi-currency wallet

  • Referral program

Final Words


We are one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchange development companies, specializing in developing all types of crypto projects. We help you launch your crypto business effectively with our years of experience and delivery of successful software solutions.


We use the latest state of technology to ensure that the project is delivered to a high standard. Get in touch with our expert team, they will be guiding you through the complete development phase and clear all your queries in a snap of time.



Bithumb clone script becomes the simplest way for starting your crypto exchange platform as developing a crypto exchange platform like Bithumb will bring greater gain.



Connect with us🤝and rock in the crypto business✌️.

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