Top 10 Blockchain Gaming Companies in 2024


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In 2024, blockchain is going to create a huge revolution in the gaming sector with its unbeatable decentralized nature. To get a constant place in this competitive industry, many companies have started to develop various blockchain-based games as per the needs and preferences of their clients. There will be huge competition among the blockchain game development companies to attract a global audience. In this blog, we are going to see the top 10 blockchain gaming companies. The below-listed companies are not concerned with any particular order.

What is a Blockchain Game?

Blockchain games mean designing gaming software or platforms with the support of blockchain technology. The gaming solutions powered by blockchain offer the capability to monitor all competitions and their actions to validate participant rewards. Additionally, you can incorporate and use blockchain-powered payment gateways to provide your players with a safe and easy way to make online payments.

Traditional Game vs Blockchain Game

The basic difference between traditional and blockchain games is mentioned below.

Ownership: Traditional games are owned and managed by a single entity, like a publisher or developer. They can change the rules and game mechanics. Blockchain games can allow the players to possess complete authority over their virtual assets, which are safeguarded by blockchain technology and resistant to modification by any centralized authority.

Transparency: Players frequently lack visibility into the inner workings of traditional games. There's not much information available about how the game works behind the scenes. Blockchain games are transparent and auditable because of the underlying blockchain technology. Players can confirm the integrity of the game's operations by looking up working and transaction histories on the blockchain.

Interoperability: Assets and progress in traditional games are usually limited to the game environment. The interoperability of games is limited when players are unable to move their assets or progress to different games or platforms. In blockchain games, the interoperability of in-game assets between different games and platforms is made possible. An increasingly transparent and integrated gaming environment is promoted by players' freedom to buy, sell, and use their assets in various gaming ecosystems.

Examine the Top 10 Blockchain Game Companies

1. Immutable

Founders: James Ferguson, Alex Connoly and  Robbie Ferguson.

Launch year: 2018

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia.

Immutable is one of the leading global blockchain gaming companies. It was previously known as fuel games; later, it was changed to immutable.  The main vision of this company is to give every player digital ownership by facilitating the safe and simple development of amazing and superior web3 games on Ethereum. They have successfully launched many games. Highly notable gaming projects are Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Shard Bound, Metal Core, etc.

2. The Sandbox

Founders: Adrean Duermal, Sebastian Borget, and Arthur Madrid.

Launch year: 2011

Headquarters: Hong Kong

The Sandbox is a metaverse game development company. The main gaming software of this company is "Sandbox," which is an Ethereum-based metaverse gaming platform that enables users to produce, distribute, and profit from their games and assets. In the virtual world, users can play, create, and own their properties as well as in-game assets. They can also sell these assets and get paid in real money.

3. Mythical Games

Founders: Cameron Thacker,, John Linden, Chris Downs, Rudy Koch and Jamie Jackson

Launch year: 2018

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Mythical Games is a video game development company that creates games for players to own playable, non-fungible tokens and provides players with an additional marketplace. They are highly specialized in developing games on blockchain that give players ownership of digital assets, verifiable scarcity, and integrated secondary markets. Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Marvel Strike Force, Farmville, and Skylanders are their unique gaming platforms.

4. Dapper labs

Founders: Roham Gharegozlou

Launch year: 2018

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
Dapper Labs, Inc. is a virtual game development company. They provide simple, secure, and enjoyable web3 experiences for gamers by utilizing blockchain technology. They are experts in providing sports-based games like football, rugby, basketball, and other games, as well as blockchain-based gaming experiences. The primary products of the company are Top Shots, All Day, Cryptokitties, etc. 

5. Lucid Sight

Founders: Randy Saaf, Octavia Herrara, and Fazri Zubair

Launch year: 2015

Headquarters:  Los Angeles. California

Lucid Sight is a highly sophisticated game development company. They have created over two dozen games, applications, and experiences for a variety of platforms, including PC, virtual reality, mobile, and console. MLB Champions, Justice League PSVR, 405 Road Rage, etc. are the exclusive products of this company. 

6. World of Ether

Founders: Alain Goldman, Bryan Okeke, Stanley Goldman Christopher Thomas Edward Sturm and Ram Berrouet.

Launch year: 2017

Headquarters: New York, United States.

World of Ether is a computer game development company. They offer a world of ether gaming platforms that use Ethereum to allow users to purchase and store collectible characters, or "Etherians," on the blockchain. In the game, players can purchase Etherians in the marketplace, breed their characters to create legendary monsters, or compete with other players over rare Etherian breeds. 


Founders: Zukerman and Mani Honigstein

Launch year: 2018

Headquarters: Silicon valley excels at crafting the Upland metaverse gaming platform. In this virtual game, you create your own universe! Here, the EOS blockchain-based digital economy gives your in-game assets real-world value. Playing Upland allows you to experience the exciting new world of blockchain gaming.
8. Sky Mavis

Founders: Aleksander Leonard Larsen and Jeffery Zirlin

Launch year: 2019

Headquarters: Singapore

Sky Mavis is a leading company in both the gaming and blockchain sectors. The creation of virtual worlds and the supporting infrastructure is the company's main goal, with a focus on incorporating blockchain technology into daily life. Axie Infinity is the primary product of this company, which offers digital pet NFT based games. In that, players buy NFTs of adorable monsters and use them to compete against one another. 
9. PlayKey

Founders:  Alexey Lykov, Vadim Andreev, and Egor Gurjev

Launch year: 2013

Headquarters: Russia

Playkey is a cloud gaming service company that enables players to access budget-friendly PCs, laptops, and MacOS-based devices to play the latest and most popular video games. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection. The unique features of the games, such as multiplayer, social features, etc.
10. Decentraland

Founders:  Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordana

Launch year: 2018

Headquarters: San Diego, Western US

Decentraland is a three-dimensional virtual gaming world in which users can engage in metaverse meetings and purchase digital real estate. They can also make money by doing things like offering services, producing virtual goods, renting out their real estate, etc. In Decentraland, the three fundamental tokens that are usable are MANA, ESTATE, and LAND. Within the Decentraland ecosystem, every token will have a unique function.

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