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The cryptocurrency community is leading the world towards a fresh digital landscape with its many innovative ideas, including the concept of launchpads. Launchpads are a great tool for introducing new tokens into the cryptocurrency realm.

Within the crypto community, there are various launchpads, each with its unique features aimed at enhancing the usability and circulation of tokens. These launchpads play a significant role in fueling the growth of the token economy.

One such example is PinkSale, where users can create their launchpad environment, facilitating token creation and contributing to the development of the token economy.

What is the PinkSale Clone Script?

PinkSale Clone Script is a ready-to-use Launchpad protocol that works exactly like PinkSale. It provides a dedicated platform for token creation and acts as a launchpad for token sales. 

This script provides users with a launchpad platform where they can create their own tokens and establish a dedicated initial token presale platform. The PinkSale clone script replicates the popular launchpad like PinkSale Finance. 

MetaDiac offers a White Label PinkSale Clone Script that is pre-built, multi-tested, and allows customization of the platform based on your requirements. By opting for PinkSale Clone Script, you can launch your own launchpad platform similar to PinkSale within a month.

Overview of PinkSale

PinkSale is a platform that helps crypto users create their own digital tokens. These tokens can follow different standards and be launched on different platforms, allowing them to be used in the crypto world. PinkSale launched its website on Mainnet in the third quarter of 2021 and published its white paper in the second quarter of the same year. 

PinkSale is based on the Binance smart blockchain network. It also helps to list the generated token on PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and other DeFi platforms. PinkSale makes it easy for anyone using cryptocurrency to create their own token in three simple steps, with no technical skills required. Users can create their own token and launch it with a payment. 

Eminent Features of the PinkSale Clone

PinkSale clone script comes with attractive features aimed at engaging users and expanding your audience. 


One of the most advantageous features for the creators of PinkSale clone tokens is the ability to distribute free tokens to selected crypto users. This helps increase the circulation of tokens in the crypto market. 

Instant token supply

With PinkSale clone, creators can create a token and launch it instantly in three simple steps. Following this, developers can then focus on increasing the circulation of the token. 

Token Branding 

PinkSale clone empower creators to use their tokens for various purposes through app branding functions. 

Token Locking 

To prevent token inflation, the creator can temporarily freeze a certain amount of tokens for a certain period of time and gradually release them to improve token circulation.

White listing 

A key feature of the PinkSale clone is its ability for the token creator to allocate tokens to specific crypto users based on their unique identities. 

Notable Benefits of PinkSale Clone 

Selecting the PinkSale Clone Script from MetaDiac offers several benefits:

Easy Token Creation: 

With the help of our team, users have the option to generate their own tokens using the PinkSale clone script. Creators can specify the number of tokens to be issued. 

Easy Token Launch:

The user-friendly interface simplifies the process and makes it accessible to a wider audience. Token creators have the ability to determine the entire supply of their token.

Community Development:

Introducing a PinkSale clone platform enables entrepreneurs to establish and expand their own cryptocurrency communities. This platform serves as a meeting point for individuals interested in joining token sales and participating in new projects.


The PinkSale clone platform is based on a decentralised system driven by smart contracts. This ensures transparency and security while eliminating the need for intermediaries in the token creation and launch procedures.

Cost-effectiveness :

Developing an auction platform from the ground up is more expensive. However, PinkSale Clone Script offers a more economical option, providing a full range of services at a low price. This cost-effectiveness is especially useful for new and small businesses with limited resources.

Impact on Token Economy:

The PinkSale clone platform simplifies the process of creating, launching, and distributing tokens, thereby promoting the expansion of the token economy. It allows token creators to reach a wider audience and promotes the circulation of the token within the crypto world. 

How Do You Create Your Launchpad like PinkSale?

Creating a launchpad similar to PinkSale is an easy process. Here are the essential steps to establish a launchpad like PinkSale.

Step 1: Planning Launchpad Development

Each initiative begins with creative brainstorming, product development, and meticulous planning for its application, each highlighting unique features. Team up with developers to meticulously design the roadmap for your launchpad platform, such as PinkSale, from inception to launch, including the unique features and services it offers crypto users. 

Step 2: Create White Papers

After completing the launchpad development strategy, we'll produce a white paper outlining your product development process and the services you'll provide post-launch. This white paper summarizes all the information provided on the service, highlighting the benefits of your product and making it easier for others to understand. 

Step 3: Designing and Development

In this step, we will design the launchpad to your specifications. Following that, we will build the entire system and implement it on the blockchain network, ensuring that it includes all the essential features. Additionally, smart contracts will be used to pre-develop the entire system.  

Step 4: Setting Up Wallets

In this step, users can create multiple cryptocurrency wallets, enabling access to various platforms. By offering several wallet options, you can appeal to a broader audience of cryptocurrency users on your platform.

Step 5: PinkSale Features Development

The launchpad includes features that are beneficial to users. The platform will benefit from the unique features developed and shown, as they will attract a large number of users to your launchpad ecosystem. Because of its many advanced features, our platform will reach various segments of the crypto industry. 

Step 6: Launchpad Deployment

Once all testing procedures are complete and any bugs are fixed, the Launchpad ecosystem becomes accessible to users. The platform is hosted on a web server and made available to the global market, enabling users worldwide to access and utilize it. This marks the final stage in the development of a launchpad like PinkSale.

How does PinkSale Clone Development Work? 

  • Users need to register by connecting their wallets. 
  • Once registered, users can easily create a token by following simple instructions and various standards. 
  • By following a simple process, users can create a launchpad to improve the circulation and economics of their token in the cryptosphere, including a small service fee. 
  • Airdrop is a feature where developers give out free tokens to users for a short time.
  • These steps involve a special function that lets the token creator give the created tokens to specific users using the whitelist function.
  • Furthermore, the PinkSale clone also permits the creator to lock their tokens for a certain period to reduce price increases.

Why go with the PinkSale Clone Script? 

PinkSale clone script stands out as a premier launchpad platform, offering user-friendly experiences and plenty of features to effortlessly create tokens and leverage token economics through token presales. 

Even people without coding expertise can design their own tokens, customizing them with the features found in the PinkSale clone. 

Entrepreneurs looking for a unique business opportunity with a large user base can launch their own PinkSale clone.

Why prefer MetaDiac for your PinkSale clone development? 

MetaDiac, a leading Crypto Launchpad Development Company offers the best PinkSale clone script. Our team of experts is building a unique PinkSale clone platform designed to work on the binance smart chain, ethereum, polygon, cardano, solana, and other widely used blockchain networks. With a track record of successfully building and launching more than 150 blockchain projects globally. Our developers provide advanced blockchain development services

To attract users, we provide a customizable PinkSale clone script based on your business needs. Starting your own Launchpad protocol using our well-developed PinkSale clone script will raise your business standards to new heights while improving your company's reputation in the crypto space, resulting in Launchpad business growth. 

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