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Many clients often ask us about proof of concepts, or POCs, especially in blockchain development. POCs are becoming more popular, and if your company is good at software development, you'll stand out. These POCs aren't the usual ones where you set up hardware like Nutanix or EMC and show it off to customers.

Showing how a blockchain idea works to customers is really important. It helps them understand its value in communication. For your client's success, you must have the talent, experience, and ability to put your vision into action.

Let's begin by explaining what a proof of concept is and how it works with a blockchain system. We'll focus on software-based proofs of concepts using blockchains. When it comes to things like hardware, cars, or electronics, you don't make a "prototype." Instead, you start with a "Conceptual Vision" and use software code (Chaincode or Smart Contracts) to add special features to apps (Front End and client apps).

What is a Proof of Concept?

Proof of concept is comparable to a prototype model in that it is used to predict the product's future prospects before beginning the development process. It allows you to confirm the viability and efficacy of the suggested solution before committing significant resources to the project.

The major goal is to rigorously examine the project's feasibility by gathering evidence that the proposed solution is capable of addressing the real-world problem within its intended market. It allows you to test the hypothesis regarding functionality and showcase the project's potential value to your target audience and market. 

The proof of concept (PoC) doesn't need actual coding; it can be a written description, a simulation, or a presentation. In the first stage, the project needs are outlined through a PoC, providing the organization with a clear idea of the product. Additionally, a PoC helps identify and manage risks, validate assumptions, and ensure the project's investment is secure.

Why is PoC important for your business? 

The major purpose of the proof-of-concept is to reduce the uncertainties and risks associated with leveraging technology during the development process. It gives the stakeholders the ability to gain trust in the project's viability and feasibility before committing to its full-scale deployment. 

It is primarily used to save time and money by avoiding investments in incorrect ideas, as well as to estimate future expenditures. Some businesses struggle to match market needs, emphasizing the importance of verifying ideas. 

Moreover, stakeholders can try out the concept to see if it works well and meets their needs. In short, a proof-of-concept is crucial for lowering risks and ensuring that innovative ideas are successfully put into action.

Blockchain PoC Development 

A proof of concept (POC) shows if real-world systems can handle certain services. This demonstration of Blockchain Technology is still ongoing, mainly focusing on coding. For instance, they will go through a detailed process of selling blockchain to integrators and consulting firms.

Important Factors to Consider

ROI, TCO, and other factors like user-friendliness, project viability, and integration can be explained in both technical and business language.

Often, these considerations come up during the revenue cycle and are used to explain ideas visually to clients. There aren't specific models, especially for blockchains, so this is your chance to make a meaningful contribution to your organization's success. It's important to get stakeholders on board, which might require some creative thinking to identify who the key stakeholders are.

PoC Development Company

After spending a lot of time in the market, we've learned that a strong core idea is key to a product's success. Business owners often start developing products with uncertain outcomes in mind. To tackle these challenges and successfully launch your product, it's important to create a Proof of Concept (PoC). This initial assessment ensures that the product meets the user's needs and preferences.

This first check will increase the chances of finding a solution that the end user will really want to use. It helps the company make smart decisions about the new product and plan its future. The proof of concept shows if the idea is doable and gives a good reason to invest in it.

MetaDiac is the top Proof of Concept development company that specialises in creating software that meets your business's needs. Our highly skilled software development team can create custom models with strong scalability and effective planning. 

Our PoC Development Services 

We provide custom proof-of-concept development services to meet each client's unique needs. With our years of experience, we're a trusted global leader in creating PoCs for our clients. 

Idea Validation Services 

Rendering service involves evaluating and validating your business idea to determine its viability and potential for success in the industry. Our experts will help you define the project scope and highlight any technological limits. We use cutting-edge technologies to provide excellent idea validation services. 

Designing and developing Prototypes

Translating and developing our vision into practical prototypes that provide a visual illustration of your features is our specialty. Our professional development team collaborates closely with your vision to deliver solutions that incorporate your comments. 

Define the Scope

Defining the project scope is critical for ensuring that all clients understand and have expectations. We work with you to develop project objectives, deliverables, deadlines, and resource requirements. With the precise scope definition, we ensure that everyone understands the project's goals and constraints.

Making Estimates for a Project 

Getting the project estimate right is really important for planning the budget and future plans. We create project estimates using the best methods in the industry and what we know, like how long it will take to develop, what resources we'll need, how much it will cost, what requirements there are, and any other potential issues. Our goal is to give you accurate and clear estimates to help you plan your project effectively.

Resource Management

Our service helps you find and allocate the right resources, like workers, technology, and funds, to reach your best performance. With our support, clients can boost productivity and cut down on waste during the entire development process.

UI/UX Wireframing

We create a basic design plan, called a wireframe, to show how your app will look and work. We refine these plans by testing them with users and making changes as needed. Our goal is to make sure the design is user-friendly, engaging, and meets your company's requirements.

PoC Software Development Method

We provide customized PoC development solutions for your projects to revolutionize business operations, exceed the expected ROI and reach your objectives. 


Our team designs a custom prototype to quickly test your creative ideas. This prototype shows how your ideas can work on the web, helping you see and improve your concept before starting the actual development.


We also design prototypes for desktop software programs. These prototypes give you a clear picture of your software idea, helping you see if it's feasible before you invest.

Mobile App

You can preview your project's final product in our mobile app using our proof of concept. Creating prototypes that demonstrate the functionality of your project idea, enables you to gather information and feedback in the early development stage. 


Our team excels at integrating different software systems and components to create a unified model. By blending your ideas, we demonstrate how they can smoothly transform your business.

Our Proof of Concept Development for Various Industries

A Proof of Concept (PoC) helps test an idea to see if it can work well in different fields. Here are some areas where PoCs are commonly used

Finance and Banking

In finance and banking, PoCs check new financial products, services, and technologies. They also test out innovative ideas like digital currencies and blockchain payments. The goal of these PoCs is to show that these new ideas can work well before they're fully implemented. This can lead to better efficiency, happier customers, and improved security, while also lowering risks.

Healthcare and Medical Services

Proof of Concept (PoC) in healthcare industries is used to try out new treatments, medical tools, and healthcare technologies. It provides a thorough evaluation of how well a medical innovation works, how safe it is, and how easy it is to use before it's put into use. This helps improve patient results, streamline clinical procedures, and reduce healthcare costs. 

Retail & Manufacturing

Many retail and manufacturing businesses use tools like supply chain management, inventory management, and customer engagement tools. Implementing a Proof of Concept (PoC) tests new technologies and methods to enhance the customer experience. Testing the idea beforehand can save money, streamline processes, and keep you competitive in the market.

Blockchain-Based Voting System

This system aims to enhance the fairness, openness, and security of elections. Governments and organizations can evaluate its viability and pinpoint issues through testing in a controlled environment. Consequently, it increases confidence in the voting process and safeguards against fraud and manipulation.

Managing Assets

We use trial methods in asset management to try out new investment plans, manage portfolios, and use financial methods to see how well they work and if they're good enough before using them widely. This helps make better investment choices, reduce risks, and increase returns.

Identity Management

Using a proof-of-concept (POC) in identity management helps assess new ways to confirm identities, verify them, and ensure privacy. By meeting standard requirements, an organization can check the system's security and how easy it is to use. This improves security, makes it easier to control user access, and protects valuable information from unauthorized access.

Benefits of Our PoC Development

There are several advantages to including proof of concept in your project. A few of them are, 

Evaluating Technical Feasibility 

The goal of implementing a PoC is to gather information on the technical viability of the software proposal. To achieve the best results, a development team must be able to identify the optimum product development option. 

Understanding Product Limitations

Deploying proof of concept in software development helps the organisation understand the limits and benefits of the idea. Examining will make it simple to choose an appropriate solution for their assignment. 

Initial Validation of Market needs

It's important to identify any technical problems that come up while we're making something and fix them correctly. The main aim here is to study what the market wants and make a sample product that stays true to what we're trying to achieve, giving customers something they really want.

Making smart budget choices

It is critical to effectively manage investor finances while launching a new product. PoC provides insight into financial requirements and expenses. This enables firms to avoid spending all of their capital on a solution that is irrelevant to their target market. 

Presenting Clear Evidence

To convince investors that your business idea is both feasible and practical, enthusiasm alone isn't enough. In this situation, a proof of concept shows how your idea will actually work. This evidence is essential for starting productive discussions with stakeholders.

Simplifying the Launch Process

Creating a proof-of-concept gives you a clear plan for developing your new solution. This method helps you show that your chosen approach works well and lets you make any necessary changes. In short, it helps minimize unexpected issues down the line and gets you ready for them.

Why does Blockchain PoC development often take longer?

Blockchain technology isn't straightforward to set up. Additionally, creating Smart Contracts, also called Chaincode, requires advanced coding skills that are hard to come by. Front-end applications are still in the testing phase, known as "Beta". While the idea of a blockchain program is there, the specific roles for this job haven't been established yet. 

Connecting the front end with the backend and middleware is essential. Sharing data both on-chain and off-chain with others is also necessary. MetaDiac is not just a software company. Honestly, blockchain is still at the "disruptive" stage, so only innovative companies can push forward with apps. In short, it might take a while to fully realize the vision.

Why choose MetaDiac as your PoC Software Development Company? 

MetaDiac is a premier PoC software development company, specializing in creating proof-of-concept software that demonstrates the viability and potential of your ideas. Our seasoned professionals use improvements to create a tech prototype that aligns with market trends, guaranteeing that your company remains at the forefront of innovation. 

We are dedicated to maintaining accuracy in PoC development, making sure each part matches the goal. Our approach also includes scalability, so your ideas can smoothly move from a proof of concept to a full-scale project.

As a leading Blockchain Development Company, we provide effective PoC software solutions and Blockchain PoC services that seamlessly match with the company requirements by leveraging best industry practices and agile processes to get optimal results. Our customer-centric approach adds value to our partnership and goes above and beyond your expectations. 

When you team up with us, you get full support from the start to the finish. We're experts with a proven track record of delivering top-notch PoC development services promptly.

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