White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development - To Launch Crypto Trading Platform


Breakthrough the Crypto Universe! To Kick - Start your own crypto exchange business with our white-label crypto exchange software. Let's Footprint in the Crypto Universe to deploy your own cryptocurrency exchange platform with our white label crypto exchange software.

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WhiteLabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Build Your Own Crypto Empire with white label crypto exchange software with MetaDiac. We Offer Upgradeable trading features, a highly Secured Admin Panel, and an Attractive UI, and our white label crypto exchange software development is a replica of the crypto exchanges that do not receive watermarks. Budding entrepreneurs can start their own cryptocurrency exchange in one shot with no back pain using our white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Usually, such software is encrypted with advanced security features taking great care to provide a hack-free environment. Based on the requirements this white label cryptocurrency exchange software can be customized to deploy peer-to-peer crypto exchange or peer-to-admin exchange, centralized exchange.

Our White Label Exchange Software Features And Prime Modules

Our White Labe Exchange Software has More Updated Features and High ended Prime Modules so that are


Derivative Trading DNSSEC Provisions Data Rich Admin Panel User-authentication and authorization
Margin Trading Anti-DDoS Setup Transaction History In-Built Crypto Wallet
Escrow Trading CSRF Protection Trade Modes Tracking Charts
IEO Launchpad Multi-Sig Core Wallet Token Adding Tool Create Buy & Sell Ads
Referral Program 2FA Security Provision Payment Gateway Crypto Price Ticker
Crypto Price Ticker GDPR Compliance Transaction Details Crypto Trading Engine
Multi-Language Support SSRF Protection Referral Program Staking
Real-Time Trading View Chart Time Limited Transactions KYC & AML Verification Dispute Management
Cold/Offline Wallet Support     Refer & Earn Option
Market, Limit, Stop Limit Order      
Full Source Code Access      


White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a ready-made software solution for hassle-free trading of digital assets like cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, etc. It is a 100% error-free and ready-to-deploy solution that enables you to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform immediately.

We offer a white-label cryptocurrency exchange script with amazing features like a fast trading engine, real-time data updates, and two-factor authentication, which helps you start a reliable crypto exchange platform with low cost, high performance, and a high level of security. Our white label crypto exchange script comes with a user-friendly dashboard that provides users with an exceptional trading experience.

  1. Highly Design Microservices Architecture
  2. Speedly Trade Engine Capable of 50,000 TPS
  3. Enhanced Security and Scalability
  4. 100% Code Security

Our inbuilt Components Of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Various components are integrated to power the white label cryptocurrency exchange software, some of which are listed below.

  • UI/UX design interface
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • Trade Matching Engine
  • Launchpad
  • Chat Bot
  • Secured Admin Panel
  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Integrated CMS Module

Business Benefits Of Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Low development cost

Our White label cryptocurrency exchange software doesn't require a lot of development resources to develop, so you can save on investment costs.

Reduced build time

As it is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software with basic and relevant features, it saves time to develop and launch.

Easy customization

Our White label cryptocurrency exchange software is flexible enough to easily customize and upgrade all existing features and trading functions.

Rapid brand popularity

You can launch your cryptocurrency exchange on a scheduled date so that your exchange attracts the attention of traders during the peak time of the cryptocurrency market.

Integrated wallet

An integrated wallet offering simplifies methods for participants to effectively use the platform to transact.

Liquidity Integration

Liquidity integration is a key factor that promotes end-to-end use and application of crypto projects, which is fairly provided by our platform.

Automated KYC/AML

KYC and AML are mandatory processes required for the development of any crypto product. Our product is known to promote these properties.

Token adder

There are so many cryptos in the current cryptosphere that trying to aggregate them individually can be complicated, our list tool makes it easy.

Stacking module

Our white label crypto exchange offers a staking module that helps users with higher returns on holding cryptos.

Multiple currencies supported

Our white label crypto exchange offers compatibility with cryptos from multiple networks to attract an audience willing to participate in trading.

Our Notable Types of White Label Crypto Exchanges

We Listed the top exchange replicas of our white-label clone software, that are into 

Our Start to End White Label Crypto Exchange Development Process

Our white label crypto exchange development refers to a set of processes that calculate the architecture of a platform that hosts a crypto exchange based on user-suggested specifications and customizations. our process is carried out in several steps, which include:

  • Scope of Project Analysis
  • Gathering Client Needs
  • Process of Design
  • Development Stage
  • Testing
  • Deployment Stage

tech stack using for our white label crypto exchange software

Why Choose Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

We MetaDiac offer the best technology requirement with all white label exchange models- centralized, decentralized, hybrid, and clones with enhanced feature implementation and complete platform maintenance. Our developing experts have a high level of precision in developing and validating all the components that ensure highly reliable software.

A Leading cryptocurrency exchange development contributes to improved usability and scalability of the crypto exchange platform. If you need a white label cryptocurrency exchange to start a crypto exchange business, choose Metadiac's turn-key white label crypto exchange software.

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