BitFlyer Clone Script: Emerge Successfully and Elevate Your Crypto Business Utilizing Our bitFlyer Clone


Crypto exchanges are booming more and more as the crypto market magnifies….


bitFlyer is the right option for those who are new to crypto and are looking to stay exclusively in the realm of trusted trading platforms. Preferably, it is a good choice for experienced traders.


Broadly speaking, bitFlyer’s zero trading fees have uplifted its legs upon other popular exchanges and its fascinating features have also pulled huge investors toward the exchange.


You may wonder how it will happen


It's possible with our bitFlyer clone script, your platform users can earn as much as they can based on their investments.


bitFlyer- An Overview

bitFlyer is the Japanese crypto exchange platform that ranks No.1 in Bitcoin trade volume. It offers virtual currency exchanges and trading services in Japan, the United States, and Europe. bitFlyer is considered the third-largest crypto exchange in terms of market volume. This popular exchange was founded in 2014 by two great traders, Yuzo Kano, and Takafumi Komiyama. 


bitFlyer began to expand its wings into the European and US markets to compete with its crypto market competitors. Crypto exchange platform like bitFlyer allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with their preferred fiat currency.


What is bitFlyer Clone Script?


bitFlyer clone script is the premade exchange solution that exhibits the properties and functionalities of the bitFlyer exchange. It incorporates the advanced crypto exchange market’s in-app traits. In terms of security, the exchange clone offers up-to-date security measures that protect crypto funds from hackers. It remains a newbie-friendly exchange script and an excellent fiat gateway exchange for wide trading options.


What makes bitFlyer different?


Zero trading fees

bitFlyer clone software makes trading simple for beginners. Users can create an account for free and execute their trading process without any transaction fees.


A secure way to invest

 Serves as one of the first licenses enabled crypto exchange platforms that follow the highest security standards. It exhibits next-generation security that has an industry-leading 7-year mark of no hacking incidents.

Buy crypto as little as €1

Investment can be done as much high or as low as users wish. At bitFlyer investment in the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more is possible.



Benefits of bitFlyer Clone 



The bitFlyer exchange clone is built with a user-friendly design that makes users to easily get started with investing in crypto. Everything is explained in a detailed way, so it doesn't need a learning curve.

Industry-leading security

It provides top-level security to protect users account details and crypto funds and also takes necessary steps to update it. Multi-secured features will ensure the safety of the crypto trading platform.

Low trading fees

Trading fees are charged quite low in our exchange script. Your platform users will get highly benefitted due to the less fess option. It is the best option offered for users to trade in a budget-friendly manner.

Advanced features

Execute complex order types using our lightning web interface. Updated and advanced features make trading easy and manage the working operations finer. These features speed up transactions and save time. 

Features of bitFlyer Exchange Script

bitFlyer lightning exchange

It is a well-suited feature for experienced traders, bitFlyer lightning exchange is an advanced trading platform that enables users to technically analyze the trading pairs. It also has a candle stick chart and various technical indicators which includes (Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Estimated Moving Average (EMA), and Bollinger Bands). 


These are the valid trading tools available for great crypto traders to utilize. It uses the standard order book format which fosters users to view unfilled orders. bitFlyer Lightning also supports API integration permitting users to build and test crypto trading bots.

bitFlyer instant buy

The instant buy option allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card instantly. The instant buy option works well for beginners who would be looking for a fast and straightforward way to buy cryptos.

bitFlyer recurring buy

Users are provided with an interesting feature “Recurring Buy”, which enables them to set a frequency i.e; daily, weekly, monthly, date, and time to invest. With which the trading platform will automatically execute the trade as per the investor's wish.

bitFlyer referral program

Great rewards can be attained by referring your friends, reward amounts are classified based on the number of referrals. Through this referral program, many users get benefitted and they find it interesting by doing.


Additional Features of bitFlyer Exchange Software


  • Multi-crypto wallet integration

  • Multiple crypto trading options

  • Spot trading

  • Margin trading

  • Different payment gateways

  • Secure wallet storage

  • Multi wallet-sig

  • High-level liquidity

  • KYC/AML verification

  • Powerful admin panel

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Push notifications

  • Cold wallet

  • 2-factor authentication

  • Advanced trade engine

  • High-speed transactions 

  • DDoS attack protection

  • Smart admin profit management

  • In-app chatting option

How to Create an Account on bitFlyer-like Exchange Platform?

Creating an account on the bitFlyer-like exchange platform becomes quite an easy and fast process. Let's see how it can be done,


  • Click the option “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”, enter the email address, and click on the “SIGN UP” button.


  • Account registration confirmation will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Enter the authentication code, and personal details required.


  • Quickly complete the ID verification procedure and submit the ID proofs for the verification process.


  • Register the bank details as per the requirements and now you can start your exchange trade.


  • Congrats, you have created your account successfully.

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