Bitkub Clone Script- Get Ready to Level Up Your Secure Trading


Bitkub is the next-generation digital asset exchange of Thailand and is becoming a trending crypto exchange platform among crypto enthusiasts. 


It was mainly designed to provide a secure trading platform for its users. This exchange has widely captured the minds of Thailand people and later all over the globe.


As each and every crypto entrepreneur is waiting for something innovative and advanced in trading, this crypto exchange platform like Bitkub has covered the place of such eagerness.


With advanced features and enhanced options Bitkub exchange platform satisfies the needs of cryptoprenerurs, and most of the business bees have moved to invest in it.


So what about your plan? Still, why are you waiting? 🤔


Explore all the details of the Bitkub exchange and start developing your own Bitkub-like exchange platform using the Bitkub clone script.


An Outline of Bitkub

Bitkub is Thailand’s leading digital asset exchange that allows users to buy, sell and store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The next-generation digital asset exchange offers progressive cryptocurrency exchange services to crypto enthusiasts. It was developed in 2018 and stays the second-largest crypto exchange in Thailand based on its trade volume. 


Bitkub’s vision is to democratize access to blockchain technology, which has greatly increased the exchange's growth. This unbeatable exchange platform is characterized by high user activity, modern functionality, stable operations, and a high-quality protection level of traders' funds and personal data.

What is Bitkub Clone Script?

Bitkub clone script is the pre-designed exchange script for launching a trading platform like Bitkub. It comprises effective features and functions similar to the Bitkub exchange. Developing your crypto exchange platform similar to Bitkub using the Bitkub exchange script would fetch you great benefits and it also saves your time the most. Customization in the platform will serve you modify the features and options according to your business conditions.

Features of Bitkub Exchange Clone

Bitkub exchange software offers a large variety of features that are upgraded as per the latest technological advancements.


  • Attractive and intuitive UI/UX

  • Advanced trade engine

  • Different trading options

  • KYC/AML verifications

  • P2P crypto transactions

  • Crypto wallet integration

  • Secure token exchanging

  • Multi-payment options

  • Powerful admin panel

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Push notifications

  • Cold wallet

  • 2-factor authentication

  • High-speed transactions


Advantages of Bitkub Clone Software

Strong security

Bitkub-like exchange platform ensures protection against DDoS attacks and under-fall data encryption. They store most of the crypto assets in secured offline storage which protects users details and funds in a safe manner.

Robust trading

The robust trading engine executes transactions in a fast and scalable process. The powerful trading engine carries out the workflow and digital transactions to move in a smooth way without any errors.

Friendly user interface

Bitkub clone provides an easygoing and smooth user interface with all trading details mentioned clearly. Users need not get confused or need not learn anything new to operate the system. A friendly user interface would make trading easier.

Referral program

Refer friends and earn the maximum from the crypto exchange platform. Referrer gets more profit to the highest percentage and the referee also gets cashback. The referral program benefits both persons. 

Efficient support 

They ensure that your platform users may get complete support by offering unbroken continuous support throughout the development of the platform. Continuous support turns your ideas into reality and offers a valuable development service.


How to Get Started?


Getting started is easy,

Sign up

Click the option “Open account” and sign up by giving the email address and password. Select “Register”, and you will receive a verification mail. Once the email address gets confirmed you can proceed with KYC verification.

Deposit funds

Deposit money or cryptocurrency using a bank account or a cryptocurrency wallet.

Start trading

After the deposition of funds and linking of bank accounts, one can start trading on the most trusted exchange.


Bitkub Clone App Development Service

Bitkub clone also offers the latest app version of the Bitkub exchange solution, this application is enclosed with the same operations and qualities as the Bitkub exchange consists of. The mobile version of the exchange platform makes trading easy and smooth for the benefit of crypto users. Bitkub application users can customize their app settings such as the features, options, background, theme, etc as per their business plan and ideas.

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