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What is Bitstamp Clone Script?

Bitstamp clone script is ready-made software that replicates the features and functionalities of the Bitstamp exchange. Our Bitstamp clone script has special features that make crypto trading more effective. By using our Bitstamp clone you can launch a highly profitable crypto trading platform like Bitstamp. We develop clone scripts by enclosing the latest advancements and upgraded technical tools in all our development services and solutions.

What's new in Bitstamp's app update?
trust wallet clone app for fruitful business

Why Do People Prefer Bitstamp Exchange?

  • Bitstamp crypto exchange platform has a user-friendly interface that makes people easy to understand and move forward for trading.
  • This peer-to-peer exchange offers high-security protocols that manage and protects the details of users in a secure manner.
  • Bitstamp exchange executes transactions in a quick way, it speeds up the workflow of trading.
  • This Bitstamp exchange attracts crypto users due to its low trading fees and international availability.

Premium Features of Bitstamp Clone Software

  • Instant match engine
  • Escrow security system
  • Multi-language support
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Prompt support system
  • Registry lock
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Attractive and intuitive UI/UX
  • Advanced trade engine
  • Different trading options
  • KYC/AML verifications
  • P2P crypto transactions
  • Crypto wallet integration
  • Secure token exchanging
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Push notifications
  • Cold wallet
  • High-speed transactions

Add-ons of Our Bitstamp Clone

Order Book System

The order book lists out the buy and sell orders that represent different orders from buyers and sellers. It also shows the prices and volume, the crypto users are willing to buy and sell. It offers instant and valuable market pricing information for the benefit of users.

Atomic Swap

Atomic swap allows users to trade between two different blockchains and also enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another. Without the involvement of third parties, the swap is conducted between two entities.

Session Log out

Users can set session time, setting a number of times to allow the session to remain active before locking out the user. Logging out is done when the users do not stay active or perform any sort of trade on the platform for a specified time.

Push Notifications

Notifications regarding the latest news, updates of any sudden changes, and instructions on everything are notified to the platform users through this option. They need not get tensed instant updates will be provided.

Liquidity Management

Our Bitstamp clone script encompasses multiple liquidity providers to ensure that users get effective trade execution and they can liquidate their earnings with the help of a liquidity management system.

Benefits of Bitstamp Clone Script


We provide multiple payment modes that make the checkout easy for the platform users as the best payment gateway option will be enabled for them. They can click the needed option and execute the trades through digital wallets, debit, or credit cards as they prefer.

There is no need to study anything new to access a crypto trading platform like Bitstamp. It is an easy-go-through process where you can quickly learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Our Bitstamp exchange clone follows user-friendly access to make people comfortable.

Bitstamp exchange clone offers traders an active trading platform with advanced charting features and trading forms. Advanced trading features and enhanced modules make your platform users trading experience effective.

Users can withdraw the currency from their integrated wallet without any limitation on the amount. No common limits are set out to maintain the functioning of the platform, it's all given in the hands of the users the unlimited withdrawals.

Trading fees are minimized based on business requirements. We follow a low trading fees system by understanding the mindset and needs of the users. Depending on the lower trading fees the quality of the product will be consistently high.

3 Steps to Start Trading


Click the option ”Get started” and create an account by filling in the necessary details after the identity verification process users are directed to the next page.


Before starting the trading process users need to deposit funds in their account. They can choose a bank transfer, debit card, credit card, or a range of global bank deposit methods.


Once the funds are ready, you can start purchasing the cryptos. Users can initiate buying, selling, and transferring of the leading cryptocurrencies.


Why Choose MetaDiac to Build a Crypto Exchange Like Bitstamp?

MetaDiac is an excellent crypto exchange service provider with great years of experience in the crypto and blockchain industry. We have so far offered 60+ crypto exchange clone scripts to our customers by gaining ideal outcomes. We are experts in providing bug-free clone scripts with advanced and secure features. By utilizing our Bitstamp clone users can launch their exchange platform similar to Bitstamp within a few days. Our development process is executed based on the business requirements of the clients.

Frequently Asked Questions
Order book system,Atomic swap,Session log out,Push notifications,Liquidity management
Escrow security system,Secure payment gateway,Registry lock,Two-factor authentication,KYC/AML verifications,Secure token exchanging
Instant match engine,Multi-language support,Prompt support system,Attractive and intuitive UI/UX,Advanced trade engine,Different trading options,P2P crypto transactions,Crypto wallet integration,Powerful admin panel,Push notifications,,Cold wallet,High-speed transactions
Bitstamp crypto exchange platform has a user-friendly interface that makes people easy to understand and move forward for trading This peer-to-peer exchange offers high-security protocols that manage and protect the details of users in a secure manner.Bitstamp exchange executes transactions in a quick way, it speeds up the workflow of trading.
At MetaDiac, we provide top-class Bitstamp clone development solutions to clients all over the world. Our developers having great years of experience will provide world-class crypto exchange platforms. We create specific time to realize and understand your needs and deliver services based on your business requirements.