HuobiClone Script

Begin your virtual trading journey with our Huobi clone script


What is Huobi Clone Script?

Huobi clone script is a tailor-made script that represents the features and functionalities of the Huobi exchange. Huobi clone script allows users to buy, sell and trade using the powerful features provided. It aids startups and entrepreneurs in building a stunning crypto exchange platform similar to Huobi. Our Huobi exchange clone exhibits a wide array of crypto trading and management services to satisfy diverse trading needs.


Why prefer Huobi Exchange Clone?

Huobi exchange is one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world which gains a lot of attention from crypto users and crypto enthusiasts. Huobi is considered a hybrid exchange platform where users have the opening to trade through composite methods.

  • Swift deployment
  • Enhanced security
  • Easy accessibility
  • Trusted choice for millions of users
  • Customization effects

Workflow of Our Huobi Clone Software

If a user wants to buy or sell a Bitcoin using the Huobi exchange script,

  • First, they need to create an account by signing up or registering with their mail ID or phone number.
  • A verification code will be mailed to the users and the account gets verified.
  • The next verification step involves the KYC and identity validation will be checked with the bank account details before proceeding.
  • After the verification process buying and selling become an easy task. To buy cryptocurrency the user has to check the encrypted address and send fiat currency equivalent to that address.
  • The funding can be done through transaction mode or using credit cards based on the users comfort.
  • Once the sent amount gets deposited in the account, users can start buying without any block.

Features of Our Huobi Exchange script

Spot trading

A spot trade which is also known as a spot transaction happens when a trader buys or sells the crypto on the specified spot date. Trade your cryptos using our advanced spot trading tools and gain instant value.

Copy trading

Copy trading feature offers a simple and transparent way to copy the best strategies of the top traders. Traders can match the trades with those they are following and yield rewards accordingly.

Trading bot

Automate your trading using the trading bot feature and eradicate the errors committed by humans. It functions based on a pre-determined set of rules following various strategies, it reduces the work of humans, and produces standard output.

Download data history

Our Huobi clone software records and stores the history of all transactions held. Users can view it and check the transaction details whenever they need any lost data can be recollected using this option.

OTC loans

Secured OTC loans are generated for the benefit of the users. Lending services are activated for the platform users who need them. The higher the loan rate, the lower the interest rate for your users.

Business Benefits of Exchange platform like Huobi

Quick buy and sell option

Trading operations are processed in a quick form, users can buy or sell instantly. Our trading tools are upgraded to the advanced level which enables the workflow to execute in a rapid manner. Immediate transactions happen and save the crucial time of users.

Peer-to-Peer exchange

Trading happens in a P2P environment that creates the safest transaction mode. Without the involvement of third parties, trades are executed in a protected way and it also reduces the intermediate fees.

Crypto loans

Crypto loans are credited instantly without any credit checks. With regular interest payments, crypto loans can be borrowed. Users can use this option to increase the value of their crypto assets. Both borrowers and lenders get benefitted from this option.

Multi-lingual support

Users from any part of the world can easily access the platform individually they need not depend on anyone. This service offers the choice of language for users to select with which they are comfortable.

Referral option

Start earning rewards by making better use of this feature. You can start earning to the maximum from the spot and future trades. Share the referral link and gain your maximum profit along with rewards.

White-label Huobi Clone Software

Our Huobi white-label clone software bestows multiple benefits to the users through which they are enormously benefitted. We include customization options in our development solutions so that business heads can include the changes as per their plan. Users are also given a chance to reflect on their own ideas and modifications can be done accordingly. Our white-label Huobi software is enclosed with highly secure features and an outstanding admin panel. Employing our white-label services users can immediately launch their crypto exchange platform like Huobi.

Huobi Clone App

Our Huobi clone app comes along with all the features that are offered in our Huobi exchange clone. As the number of mobile traders is expanding, we design every feature accordingly to satisfy their business requirements.

Trading becomes effortless with our Huobi clone app services, you can gently perform your trade without facing any difficulties. We focus on the needs of your platform users and provide the whole set of crypto trading features in their hands.

Why Choose Us?

MetaDiac contributes years of experience in crypto exchange development by providing the best development services. Clients from all over the world have recognized us as a profound crypto development company based on our finest development solutions. Our brilliant expert team would guide you and enhance your crypto project to a bigger level. We give special importance to our client’s business principles and deliver the project with proficient productiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions
Quick buy and sell option,Peer-to-peer exchange,Crypto loans,Multi-lingual support,Referral option
Yes, we do offer customization options in our Huobi exchange clone. Users can modify it based on their business requirements. Addition and removal features can be done and attractive features can be added to change the frameworks of the platform.
Swift deployment,Enhanced security,Easy accessibility,Trusted choice for millions of users,Customization effects
Absolutely! Our development process includes clone app services. Our Huobi clone app consists of advanced features with enhanced technical tools that make a profitable trading Experience. They can also customize the features they need and they can execute their trade immediately.
Spot trading,Copy trading,Trading bot,Download data history,OTC loans