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img A Preface is quite popular and the world’s fastest crypto exchange platform. This excellent platform is getting recognition through the global community. has its own native coin-CRO. Kris Marszalek is the one who founded this crypto exchange platform in 2016 and in 2017 they launched their token MCO. It is a centralized platform with a high trading volume that supports all popular cryptocurrencies. This exchange offers high liquidity, excellent performance, and a low fee structure with these benefits it has captured the audience.

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What is Clone Script? clone script is the ready-to-deploy software for launching a crypto exchange platform like It includes all the features and functions of the exchange platform and exhibits operations similar to the original exchange. clone provides customization options through which business heads can modify the platform as per their plan. They can add any additional features or can remove unwanted features which are based on their business requirements.

Endless Possibilities of Our Clone clone script provides an extraordinary possibility for crypto enthusiasts to enter the crypto world. By utilizing this ready-made exchange script, they can instantly build a crypto exchange platform similar to with a wide array of features and benefits. The transaction fees maintained in the clone are flexible and depend upon the volume and type of operations.

For seamless user engagement, our exchange platform provides a simple-to-use interface. We also list out the updates regarding the trading pairs and matching orders, users are notified of the price ups and downs. Platform users can easily explore and progress their needs by utilizing all these benefits of the platform.

Functionalities of Our Exchange Clone

Authorization and verification

If users need to trade on the platform then they have to create an account that follows a verification process. They should share their name, date of birth, country, and e-mail ID for registration. Creating a strong password would protect their data and make trading safe.

User interface

This is the important part as people usually rely on it. We design a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes trading comfortable. The user interface is customizable the graphs, buttons, and icons can be added based on their comfort. Users can easily view the traders activity like trading pairs, set orders, history, and balance.

Trading engine

It is a vitally important function of the exchange platform. The trading engine is the reason behind all match orders, processing of transactions, and checking the balance in the wallet. Our trading engine is convenient and understandable, and at the same time, it offers ample facilities to make trading activity better.

Cryptocurrency wallet

Through our integrated crypto wallet users will have fast and reasonable access to their funds which increases the effectiveness and profitability of the trades on the platform.

Order book and transaction history

The order book displays the open orders for purchasing, it automatically sets out the trade if the order matches the relevant pair. The transactions executed are spontaneously stored, histories are maintained, and users can verify them whenever they need.

Analytical instrument for traders

Analytical instrument makes trading straightforward and effective as it helps to find additional information on market trends, and price updates and to improve trading strategies.

Push notifications

Significant events in the crypto market are notified like the rapid price change, balance histories, closing orders, deposit and withdrawal of funds, latest updates, and special offers.

Crypto news

Our clone script adds a news feed to the main screen of the exchange platform. Users can find recent updates, new launches, and extraordinary offers.

Security Solutions of Our Clone Script

Protection on the user end will be provided initially to avoid the main threat to the users. Secured features protect users data and make the platform perform the operations positively without any sort of impairment in between the functions.

Two-factor authentication enables platform users to protect their data against hackers, specified login password proves, and acts as a security guard for crypto funds. Like two-factor authentication, there are other security forms like jail login and fingerprint scanner. Transaction histories are stored and maintained to help users to view the data in case of any disasters or loss of data they can restore it from this option provided.

Development Process of Our Clone Software


The client and the development team will discuss the business ideas and frame the outline Based on the requirements.

Collected information is transformed into a well-defined structure and the structure is turned into attractive designs.

When the design of the platform gets ready the exchange platform is tested in search of bugs, issues, and other malfunctions and they are fixed.

After the exchange platform is tested it's time to deploy it and launch it in the market. Guidance and support are offered after the launch of the platform.

Why Choose Us for Developing a Clone?

MetaDiac is one of the eminent crypto development companies offering extensible services and well-defined security features. As one of the top entrusted companies, we offer eminent solutions. We also enable the business with state-of-the-art technology to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight. We have an enthusiastic working team with expert developers passionate about accomplishing their goals in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Frequently Asked Questions clone script is a market-ready crypto exchange software that is composed of complete features and functionalities of Our exchange script comes with updated features that make crypto trading effective. The customization option adds extra benefit to the crypto traders as they can personalize it to their business plan.
The well-structured functions incorporated into the platform are listed out,Authorization and verificationUser interface,Trading engine,Cryptocurrency wallet,Order book and transaction history,Analytical instrument for traders,Push notifications,Crypto news
We formulate development statistics as per users business models and provide them with the latest upgraded technology.Gathering ideas,Planning and designing,Testing,Deployment and support
Yes, we do provide post-development support even after the launch of your platform. Our brilliant team members would guide you 24/7 on your questions. Your queries get clarified immediately with better solutions. We are always ready to assist you by all means.
If you are an aspiring crypto enthusiast waiting to invest then you have landed in the right place its the perfect time to launch the crypto business using the clone script. Our script comes with awe-inspiring features which form a great base for crypto users to process their trading efficiently.